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The corporate gift is a symbol for the people who receive it. At the end of the year, it’s time to take stock within companies. What was this year’s turnover? How was the relationship with partners and suppliers? Did the employees meet their goals for the year? Have customers been loyal and present to support the company? If the results live up to expectations, the business leader or the Human Resources team can reward all stakeholders with a gift. A special attention that shows the consideration of the company for the one who receives the present. But also a marketing gift, possibly in the colors of the brand, or an indirect incentive to stay faithful.

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The corporate gift, a mark of attention appreciated by employees

The end of the year is coming, and the company management makes the first assessments of the company’s results. Compared to the objectives set at the beginning of the year, it is then easy to see if the results have been achieved. This assessment reflects the work done by the company’s employees: everyone contributes to it. Good results deserve a reward, especially for the recognition of everyone’s involvement. The corporate gift is then a good way to thank employees, and show them that their work has been noticed.

At a time when the well-being of employees is at the center of concerns, especially for a longer retention… Managers put in place actions in favor of their employees to allow them to work in good conditions. Recognition of the work done is also part of this pattern. Thus, in companies, at the end of the year,some managers organize an event with all employees. The opportunity to give an end-of-yearand corporate gift to everyone.

Giving a gift may seem innocuous, often associated with goodies in the company’s colors. But it is still an effective way to strengthen the links between the management team and all employees. The gift can have several forms, and depends in particular on the size of the company. For budgetary reasons, in large structures, the gift can be the same for everyone. For smaller structures with smaller teams, managers can also offer personalized gifts. Gifts that represent the tastes of their employees, in their image.

It can thus be a corporate event organized in an original place, in a less formal setting; gift cards for brands that employees appreciate… Or gifts in the colors of the company.

Thanking the company’s customers, a marketing gift

To function, a company relies on its employees, but also and above all on its customers. They are the ones who make it possible to keep the company alive, through the purchase of goods or services. A customer satisfied with the company’s services and the quality of its products is a loyal customer. To thank them, the corporate gift can be a good idea. This allows the company to avoid the now usual “promotional code” that grants a discount. This is a reward used by many brands. Too impersonal, or too seen, the time is for distinction, for personalization.

A little attention reinforces the well-being of employees in companies.

Giving a gift to your customers proves to them that they have made the right choice by choosing this company over another. Indirectly, this helps to strengthen the brand’s marketing, and to increase customer loyalty. This consideration reinforces the customer’s sense of belonging to the brand, regardless of the nature of the gift. A calendar, or an object that represents the company’s values.

For example, if the company is involved in CSR efforts,a good gift idea would be seeds to plant. An original gift, in the era of time, but also that marks the values of the brand. Just like useful products, such as notebooks, pens or tote-bags with the colors and logo of the company. These are corporate gifts that please and are used on a daily basis. This is a great way to promote the brand indirectly, to an even wider target.

The corporate gift for customers can then intervene at different times. For the loyalty anniversary, for example, or for the customer’s birthday, at the end of the year to thank for his trust… But it can also be useful at trade shows orprofessional events. In this case, these gifts are intended for a small part of customers… But mostly prospects.

Suppliers also deserve corporate gifts

Another important link in the operation of the company is the suppliers. They are the ones who allow the brand to sell its goods on the market, or to offer its services. The relationship of trust between the company and its suppliers is therefore essential and valuable. Because without this mutual trust, and a solid communication and responsiveness, the company cannot develop as it wishes.

Also, offering a corporate gift to the teams that ensure its supply seems quite normal. At the end of the year, it is a way to thank the efforts and the work accomplished… But also to symbolize a renewed mutual trust. Most often, companies send greeting cards signed by the leader of the structure. But it can also be a more personalized gift, such as products useful to suppliers. Office automation equipment, calendars, pens, or products more specific to the profession. All these things strengthen the relationship between the company and its partners. Especially since after the last months marked by the pandemic, solidarity and trust were essential values to get through the course.

Rewarding your employees and partners on the occasion of an evening, a good idea.

These corporate gifts can be given to partners at a reception or event dedicated to these valuable collaborations. This allows the supplier to feel considered, and strengthen the right relationship with the company. This kind of event is happening more and more often, and makes it possible to make these meetings more informal. Should we invite all supplier employees, or only managers?

It depends on the number of suppliers invited. In terms of logistics, it may be more complicated to organize if the number is high… But also more expensive in terms of corporate gifts.

Corporate gift ideas that seduce

The more time passes, the more offers of goodies and personalized gifts multiply. There are for all budgets, all sectors of activity. This makes it possible to offer various corporate gifts each year to its employees… And so to change from the traditional classic pen. More than ever, they allow the company to highlight its sector of activity, its values, its commitments.

Also, more and more objects with eco-responsible scope are emerging. Corporate gifts to personalize, which make it possible to stand out, but also to offer useful products. This can be for example a bamboo mug, a USB key, or a notebook in the colors of the brand.

But these corporate gifts can also be more greedy. For example, a company in the Bordeaux region can offer a bottle of wine or cannelés to its customers, employees or suppliers. Some real estate agencies offer a personalized bottle of champagne with the label in the name of the agency to their clients who are carrying out a real estate transaction. These are exceptional gifts, which make it possible to mark the occasion and to thank as it should be those who contribute to the functioning of the company.

From a quantity perspective, companies that offer the creation of personalized corporate gifts are flexible. They can make prints in small series, but also larger quantities. This makes it possible to test several products, and see which ones most meet the criteria of the leaders…

The gifts are customizable to the image of the company.

Organization, the keys to know to get started

Before embarking on the order of corporate gifts, the latter must first think of its action as a strategy. Indeed, it represents an investment to be taken into account in the accounting of the company. Define upstream a budget, a global budget envelope makes it possible to better prepare the future.

Then comes the definition of the recipients of corporate gifts. Will they be intended for employees, suppliers, customers? To everyone? Specifying how many people are concerned then makes it possible to calculate an average budget per gift, and to define a list of products that meets these criteria. This is an important step in not embarrassing the company.

There is no doubt that the corporate gift, personalized, has much more weight and effectiveness than a promotional object distributed to a wide target. However, there are certain obligations incumbent on companies when they make gifts. If the value of the item offered as a gift does not exceed 60 euros per year and per recipient, VAT on this item will be deductible. On the other hand, if there are several gifts, the value of the set counts; not that of each object.

Finally, if the annual amount of gifts exceeds 3000 €, it must be mentioned. This mention is made on the special statement n ° 2067 to be attached to the declaration of results of the companies, whatever the tax regime; But also on Annex No. 2031 ter to the declaration of results, for sole proprietorships subject to a real tax regime.


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