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The surveyor-expert is strong in his technical and legal skills. It is a liberal profession in which the professional sets up plans and documents that define the framework of land ownership. In particular, the profession is subject to regulations and requires registration with the order of surveyors-experts. As part of its missions, it can be called by individuals, professionals or local authorities. In a context of conflict, it can also be mandated by the courts.

Thus, the latter’s mission is to identify, delimit, measure and evaluate a real estate property. It may be public or private, built or not, as well as the work carried out. He studies, projects and directs land development or improvement, rural or urban. In addition, it deals with the technical, legal, economic, agricultural and social sciences related to the above-stated objects. Today, it is the only one authorized by law to draw up plans and documents with land implications. On Thursday, April 4, 2019, the General Assembly of the Regional Council of the Order of Surveyors-Experts was held. It took place at Château Grattequina in Blanquefort.

A mixed assessment, important stakes for surveyors-experts

Today, the profession brings together nearly 2,000 professionals. Mr. Joseph Pascual honored his presence at the Regional Council of the Order. The General Assembly allowed the members of the order to take stock of the past year. This event also made it possible to draw up an inventory of the challenges to be met with regard to the profession. This assessment has been drawn up at both the regional and national levels. While the profession of surveyor-expert is in full mutation, it is impacted by ecological and digital transitions. In addition, the profession has a need for recruitment, in a society in constant evolution. The General Assembly therefore had several objectives. For the professionals and members of the Order Roll it was an opportunity to meet, discuss, expose and explain the decisions taken within the General and Superior Councils.

During this new general assembly of the Regional Council of the Order, several points were therefore raised. The discussions focused on the current issues facing the profession.

The first of these issues that has been highlighted in this House is the need for recruitment. Indeed, it is a need that is felt. The profession brings together about two thousand profiles. It now offers a recruitment of between two and three thousand positions nationwide. To do this, the College has launched a communication campaign called the “employer brand” aimed at attracting new profiles. The objective of the profession is to highlight the richness of it. Among its various missions and skills exploited, it knows various possibilities for exercising it. Expert surveyors work in the city or in the countryside, in offices or outdoors. These are significant advantages for the profession of surveyor-expert. Indeed, at a time when professionals are spending more and more time sitting behind their screens, performing repetitive tasks that have become automatic.

The second issue noted is the importance of the job of surveyor-expert within our society. Its role is important in the development of territories, in an environment that is constantly evolving. With his advice, he accompanies local communities through development and land management projects. It is at the heart of the issues of ecological transition and must take this into account.

The last issue raised at this meeting was in particular the evolution of the profession. The latter must in particular respond to the digital transition. Indeed, digital has its place in its own right, in private life as in professional careers. In this sense, society must adapt to its environment and learn to use digital tools. This is why the surveyor-expert is interested in technological innovation, particularly digital technology.

Surveyor-Expert Bordeaux business
A profession that adapts in a rapidly changing context

Digital evolution at the heart of the profession of surveyor-expert

In the digital age, the surveyor-expert must adapt to their environment and use new tools. In this context, BIM was born. The birth of BIM (Building Information Modeling) starts from the idea that digital transformation is a reality. The latter is therefore no longer to be neglected. Indeed, it is introduced in particular in the construction of buildings, the urban setting and the development of the territory. BIM is a collaborative work process applied to a building or structure. It refers to operating methods aimed at optimizing the life of a building, from its design to its demolition. It also qualifies the exchanges and the various speakers. BIM is therefore based on a digital model. Strictly speaking, it is a 3D model of a building or structure.

Today, we must not forget that Bordeaux is a growing city. With a population of nearly 750,000, about 11,000 new jobs are created each year. Bordeaux is an economic, social, cultural and professionally rich crossroads. The city offers its inhabitants a pleasant living environment where it is good to live, and good to work. Bordeaux has several firms of expert surveyors.

Thus, the surveyor-expert work in different projects in a city in full development. Indeed, neighborhoods like Paludates or the Bassins à Flots are under construction. The Bordeaux landscape offers a setting where the facilities are always more numerous. Indeed, the construction of the Simone Veil bridge, or the extension of tram lines are good examples. They show how crucial the role of surveyors can be in the future of the metropolis.

The general assembly of the Regional Council of the Order of Surveyors-Experts made it possible to raise concrete points. Thus, the members were able to take stock of the challenges and issues to be met, in a society in full movement. She has been able to identify many issues within the profession, even though he is just asking to recruit. In a city like Bordeaux, the context is favorable for the recruitment of the sector. Indeed, it is a city rich both culturally, professionally and economically speaking. Thus, it is perhaps the solution in terms of recruitment for surveyors-experts. They can therefore consider finally recruiting new professionals in a favourable framework.



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