Energy Generation, educating students about energy savings

Generation Energy is a program aimed at colleges and high schools to raise awareness of ecological behaviours on a daily basis. Indeed, the younger generations are the first to be concerned with environmental issues and it is important for the future of the planet that they become major players. Thus, saving energy means saving money, resources and also preserving the environment in both the short and long term. The Generation Energy programme thus has several objectives to inform, educate and support the various actors. In other words, students, teachers but also indirectly the entourage of the latter.

However, awareness is not exclusively for young people. Indeed, everyone must participate in the collective awareness and put in place actions on a daily basis to be an actor. It is in this dynamic that the awareness of employees in companies is important, both for the preservation of the environment but also for energy factors.

The Generation Energy program, the goal of raising awareness among students

The Generation Energy program, part of the Ministry of Ecological Transition’s call for a program in 2018, is a program to raise awareness among young people towards the energy transition. Funded by Eni Gas and Power France is aimed at all students of colleges and high schools in France. The aim is to raise awareness by June 2022. This involves learning the ecological gestures of everyday life to save energy. Since the start of the school year in 2019, the program has raised awareness among more than 86,802 students. Whether it’s teachers or even students, both are interested and motivated by the Generation Energy program. Teachers want to enrol new classes and students increasingly want to enter the creative competition.

generation energy awareness ecological gestures students
The Generation Energy programme targets high school students in France.

The program is carried out in three key stages. First, an intervention takes place in the classrooms to present the great concepts of energy to the students. Then, a digital platform is made available to them to make quizzes. Finally, students have the opportunity to register to participate in a creative competition on the theme of ecology. The aim is to offer innovative and ecological projects and have the chance to win awards.

Building on its success, the program lasts until June 2022

The program’s primary goal was to raise awareness of 4,000 classrooms in colleges and high schools by December 2020. In view of its success with students, teachers and more generally schools, the programme is extended until 2022. For the occasion, the Generation Energy programme is introducing a novelty. Indeed, training for teachers has been created to teach them how to transmit energy concepts. This is to keep learning the right things and good practices to do on a daily basis. The aim is therefore to anchor the Generation Energy programme over time and thus reach several generations in the long term.

As a result, new e-learning modules will be available on the program’s online platform. As a result, they will be able to become unstoppable on the key elements of the energy transition and thus become true ecological ambassadors.

Environmental awareness is a challenge for businesses

Energy saving awareness is not just a process for young people. For this to be effective and sustainable, awareness must concern all generations. This also applies to companies and their employees. For this, everything comes through communication and information, it is above all a team effort. Employees should therefore be encouraged to bring up information, but also to make some strategic adjustments and actions.

To do this, you have to change some bad habits. It is better to turn off and unplug unused electronic devices. One example is printers, which, even in standby mode, consume a lot of energy. In fact, they consume on average 80% of energy despite the sleep mode. Avoiding overheating of premises or overconsumption of electricity in the middle of the day are other actions that can contribute to theenergysaving.

These gestures seem simple and are still too neglected. In addition to conserving resources, this is also reflected in electricity bills. To meditate…


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