GalaxY by CY Tech, a competition of ambitions for the innovation professions

GalaxY by CY Tech, a great school competition to build its future. Indeed, orientation is one of the key moments in a young person’s life especially in this period of COVID-19. The crisis has left young people in a flood of worries about their future. It must be said that the education system has been undermined by the health situation. But schools are already looking beyond it and offering competitions to be able to integrate their courses of excellence. TheCY Tech school offers the GalaxY by CY Tech competition to integrate its training. Science, engineering, economics and management are opening their doors to the players of tomorrow. The CY Tech school aims to constantly reinvent itself in order to best respond to a society that is moving.

New Aquitaine, cradle of the trades of the future

According to INSEE, since 2015, New Aquitaine has seen a considerable effort in the aerospace and electronics industries. These two sectors have become real drivers for the region. This increase in investment is mainly due to private research. It focuses on four major aerospace and electronics companies. Indeed, the Aerospace Valley has become a pool of employment and attractiveness on the metropolis of Bordeaux. Big names like Thales or Dassault make new generations of engineers dream.

Thus, jobs have settled around Bordeaux, but also Pau, Niort and Châtellerault. CY Tech, the leading school of science, engineering, economics and management at CY Cergy Paris,has decided to establish itself in Pau as well. The school further enhances the reputation of excellence and dynamism of the territory by training the engineers of tomorrow.

Thus, it became the first post-bac public engineering school in Ile-de-France and New Aquitaine. Indeed, it has welcomed more than 2,000 engineering students. The public institution was born from the mix between EISTI and the University of Cergy-Pontoise. It is one of the five master and doctoral schools on the Cergy Pontoise site. In order to enrich her curriculum, she also diversified by opening a design school for the 2021-2022 school year.

To integrate the training, she created her own entry competition, GalaxY by CY Tech. It is directly integrated into the Parcoursup procedure. A way to make it easier for young people to go to school. Indeed, by making a unique wish from January 5, the student can have access to the 13 CY Tech courses. But also in 5 other institutions like Supméca, CY School of Design, ENSA-V, Sciences Po Saint-Germain-en-Laye or Grenoble School of Management.

CY Tech’s training objective is to train the engineers of tomorrow based on 3 basic bases. First, a quality of laboratories and teacher-researchers, bringing the necessary knowledge to students. Second, consideration of ecological resources, digital advances and societal issues. Finally, a method of learning through design and project.

The school has already proven itself by allying with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) to help the SME and SMEs during the confinement. The aim of this project was to put student engineers volunteers at the service of the managers of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in order to help them in their digitalization process. An exercise that is as professional as it is benevolent.

GalaxY by CY Tech student competition
The GalaxY by CY Tech competition was created to access engineering training

GalaxY by CY Tech, a tool for supporting and growing

By becoming the first post-bac engineering school, CY Tech thought of the GalaxY by CY Tech competition as a tool for accompaniment and growth. It goes to say that the particularity of the competition lies in the fact that it is linked to the various establishments of CY Alliance and the historical partners. The aim is to use a collective force among the players of excellence in the engineering sector.

The aim is to offer the most complete event and following appropriate training. Indeed, the training offer will evolve and grow each year. Indeed, the school, connected to its market, wishes to feed on the state of mind of design. It wants to best meet the recruitment needs of high-level graduate engineers and support the transition to industry 5.0. This means a close collaboration between human know-how and robotics

Indeed, taking into account environmental, societal and digital issues and issues are mandatory in the training of students. Innovation then comes into play and predicts a brighter future. Adapting training is therefore necessary to respond to these new challenges and problems that did not exist a few years ago. This involves training the use of new digital tools, new methods, new materials, etc.

Thus, with its GalaxY by CY Techcompetition, CY Tech offers no less than 900 places for engineers and designers. These places will add to the training range in Ile-de-France and New Aquitaine. The GalaxY competition is open to bachelors with 725 engineering places in 5 schools and 80 designer places on Parcoursup. The competition fee is available as it is 75 euros (20 euros for scholarship holders).

GalaxY by CY Tech is organized by following three post-bac channels with GalaxYBac, GalaxYDesign and GalaxYBachelor following the ParcourSup calendar. For the 3 tracks cited, the juries examine the school record, the baccalaureate grades…. but also the Future Sheet of the candidates filed on Parcoursup. After reviewing the files, a motivational interview completes the steps of the journey in order to be able to explain the professional project of each profile.

By following the classical path, students will be able to access the professions of mathematical and computer engineering, engineering Mathematics, economics, finance… Or Biotechnology and Chemistry Engineer, Civil Engineering Engineer and Mechanical Engineer.

Thanks to its GalaxY by CY Techcompetition, CY Tech offers a vision of excellence. This vision is motivated by the skills of the various players in the sector but also of the partners. The school offers a fair perception of the world of engineering. It is in keeping with its time and with the realities of the market. For youngpeople, it is a way to see a clearer horizon for their professional future.

But the school does not seem to stop in such a good way in the development of its training. Indeed, 4 double degrees in 6 years will open in the beginning of 2021. Students will be able to apply for training to become an engineer-manager with GEM, engineer-architect with ENSA-V, engineer-sciences in with Sciences Po Saint-Germain-en-Laye, engineer-designer with CY school of design.


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