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France Hydrogen, the creation of new regional delegations

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France Hydrogen, formerly called Afhypac, is the French association for hydrogen. The establishment of regional delegations will enable the association to unite the regions and thus strengthen ties with the territories. Regional issues will thus be more targeted to encourage the development of the hydrogen sector. Regarding the New Aquitaine region, Benoît Fournaud is now in charge of launching the Delegation for this region. Surrounded by 4 other delegates, they will aim to be at the initiative of projects while pooling needs and building strong partnerships between regional players. Indeed, hydrogen is a promising energy for the future. This makes energy transition essential and hydrogen can be the solution. This is why the New Aquitaine region is putting measures in place, in order to move towards so-called clean energies.

France Hydrogen in New Aquitaine, a ramp-up

France Hydrogen is a French association with more than 250 members. Thus, it unites the main players of the hydrogen sector in France such as large industrial groups but also innovative start-ups and SMEs, or associations. Its main objective is to promote energy transition. To do this, it wants to accelerate the development oflow-carbon and renewable hydrogen,re-industrialize the territory and create value at the local level. This willingness to think locally will improve the quality of life for all.

It is precisely in this dynamic that France Hydrogen announced on February 12th the creation of 12 new regional delegations. This allows the association to act and support local actors as closely as possible. The response to territorial issues will therefore be more focused, for optimal progress.

france hydrogen energy transition regions
France Hydrogen is part of the energy transition in France.

Each delegation is facilitated and managed by a designated delegate. Thus, Benoît Fournaud was appointed to accompany the launch and development of the Delegation for the New Aquitaine region. Director of studies and projects of Hydrogen de France, he surrounded himself with 4 other assistant delegates. Hand in hand, they have the mission toanimate the hydrogen sector at the regional level taking into account the specificities and issues of the region. It is in this dynamic of deployment and initiatives that hydrogen will become a major place in France. Indeed, hydrogen is a promising solution in terms of energy. Being an extremely present chemical element on the earth’s surface, its use could be a solution to resource depletion. However, for this to be ecologically “green” for the environment, hydrogen must be renewable or a minimum low-carbon.

The New Aquitaine region, a good example in terms of energy transition

The New Aquitaine region has a relatively balanced energy model. Indeed, the region covers about 26% of its electricity consumption by renewable resources. Among them, there is a balance between wind, hydro, solar and biogas. Nevertheless, solar and hydraulic energy dominate the others with more than 3500 Gwh per year.

With the desire to participate fully in the energy transition, the New Aquitaine region is pushing companies to enter this dynamic. For example, it makes a large number of calls for projects each year, in order to encourage companies to be involved in the transition. In addition, it supports innovative projects by offering both financial and strategic aid for the implementation of these projects.

The Neo Terra roadmap,launched by the region, is a first for a region of France. It thus serves as a guide for the implementation and development of concrete action projects for the ecological transition. Introduced in 2019, it sets out 11 ambitions by 2030:

  • Citizen engagement
  • agroecological transition
  • Business transition
  • clean mobility
  • sustainable urban planning
  • a new energy mix
  • zero waste target
  • protecting biodiversity
  • Water conservation
  • preservation of agricultural and forest land
  • region, exemplary administration

A highly agricultural region, it is all the more affected by the climatic hazards due to human pollution. The aim is then to accelerate change by being all in solidarity. This affects both citizens and businesses because everyone is involved in the transition.

Thus, fully in line with the ecological component of the Recovery Plan put in place in September 2020, Neo Terra is part of a new “green” model of production and life.


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