EDF Group Foundation, its commitment to economic recovery

Fondation Groupe EDF is a foundation that supports projects that have a positive impact on society. In particular, it supports projects promoting inclusion. It is for this reason that the foundation has been in partnership for many years withthe Adie Nouvelle Aquitaine. Indeed, the EDF Group Foundation has thus strengthened its commitment with Adie by giving it a cheque for €18,000. Its aim is to finance and strengthen the support of micro entrepreneurs in the region,in a difficult context of health crisis. An action under the sign ofequal opportunities,where everyone can access entrepreneurship regardless of their level of education and the size of their capital.

Thus, supporting entrepreneurs is an essential process. Indeed, it allows them to advance and succeed in their projects thanks to organizations and associations. Without support at their disposal, future entrepreneurs may lack the keys to see their project come to fruition and operate in the long term.

EDF Group Foundation x Adie Nouvelle Aquitaine, support for local entrepreneurs

The EDF Group Foundation is an important solidarity player. Indeed, it accompanies and supports associative projects that have a positive, sustainable and local impact on society. The Foundation thus brings together 3 main areas of action beingthe environment, inclusion and education. Thus, it focuses its priority on the most vulnerable people and future generations. The goal is thus to participate in and contribute to a more just and sustainable world, where everyone finds their place. To this, it supports sustainable initiatives and the preservation of the environment at the local level.

Adie Nouvelle Aquitaine is an association of public utility created in 1993. It advocates the idea that everyone can become an entrepreneur even without capital and without a diploma. Indeed, the Adie Nouvelle Aquitaine defends the fact that everyone can access it as soon as they have apersonalized support and a credit. The association finances and therefore supports future entrepreneurs through a network of finance specialists. The value of Adie Nouvelle Aquitaine is thus to participate in a more supportive and inclusive society where everyone has the same opportunity as their neighbour.

EDF Adie Nouvelle Aquitaine Foundation commitment
Jean-Marc Ewald, Regional Director of Adie Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Martin Leÿs, Edf Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Action Director. Source: Adie Nouvelle-Aquitaine

It is thus thanks to the sharing of their values that the EDF Group Foundation and Adie Nouvelle Aquitaine have come together to support the economic recovery of the region. For this, the Foundation has issued a cheque worth €18,000 for the benefit of Adie Nouvelle Aquitaine. This contribution is thus intended to finance the support of local entrepreneurs. This action thus demonstrates the Foundation’s actions in favour of social and solidarity initiatives at local level. In a context of health crisis with a considerable impact on employment, this action makes it possible to provide solutions. This financial contribution will thus allow Adie Nouvelle Aquitaine to strengthen its personalized support for micro-entrepreneurs.

Auto Entrepreneurs, the importance of support

Becoming a self-employed entrepreneur is not an easy task. Indeed, the administrative procedures are simple and accessible to all. Nevertheless, to launch his activity, the future entrepreneur must have some strings to his bow. Thus, support has a great importance in the future life of the auto entrepreneur. This concerns in particular the financial, logistical, strategic aspects, etc.

As an entrepreneur, everyone can access the necessary resources through organizations. One thinks in particular of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) setting up several mechanisms to support the future entrepreneur in his projects. It organizes workshops, training and interviews available to entrepreneurs. The Chamber of Trades and Crafts (CMA) offers the same services to entrepreneurs in the craft trades.

Several financial aids also allow the entrepreneur to obtain help to launch his activity. Indeed, theACRE aid for example allows business creators and buyers to be partially exempt from social security contributions for 1 year if the company was created after 31 March 2020. The charges are therefore lightened at the beginning of the activity and allow the entrepreneur to start more serenely.


The EDF Group Foundation supports the economic recovery of local entrepreneurs accompanied by Adie Nouvelle-Aquitaine,Adie Nouvelle-Aquitaine, press release of June 15, 2021

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