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Fortino Capitals Partners, the software investment that smiles at Cenosco

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Fortino Capitals Partners is a major player among B to B software investors. Recently, he became involved in the life of Cenosco by becoming one of the main partners and investors of the group. This new partnership is the 22nd B to B software investment by Fortino Capitals Partners, and the 7th investment of its private equity fund. A certain dynamism that shows the potential of the company, based in The Hague. Thus, Cenosco foresees the future evolution of its solution, serving heavy industry around the world. A powerful solution, developed with reputable professionals in their sector.

Fortino Capitals Partners, the promising future of B to B software in heavy industry

Cenosco has been around for more than 20 years. This company is based in The Hague and has its offices in Croatia. Since its inception, it has developed software to manage the integrity of plant assets. Factories from heavy industry, operating in sectors such as oil, gas, chemicals, energy, or utilities. Its 75 employees deploy the solution in more than 30 countries, and in more than 100 factories around the world.

The software Cenosco works on is an online tool for making smart decisions for asset control and maintenance within the company. A solution designed for factories, with two main objectives. Increasing the security and availability of assets in the company, on the one hand… And reduce the cost of managing its assets.

Faced with the aging of factories,companies like Fortino Capitals Partners or Cenosco must react. Preventing risks, anticipating problems to solve them. This is taking into account the evolution of the sector, marked in particular by the rise of digitisation. Factories are modernizing thanks to the digital tool,which makes it easier for them to manage their entire operation.

factory management industry tracking
Cenosco’s software adapts to factories operating in heavy industry.

Thus, the arrival of Fortino Capitals Partners in Cenosco’s business allows Cenosco to deploy its solutions… And to exploit its software to the maximum of its capabilities. This is the next phase of development announced by the company with its experience. A phase expected by factories around the world, wishing for an even more advanced solution.

Software development with industry players, Cenosco’s bet

For Cenosco, the aim is to offer the most successful solution to professionals in the sector. And who better than the professional concerned can know what he needs? That’s why Cenosco called on Shell in 2015 to develop its IMS software. IMS is a predictive maintenancesoftware, which aims to make factories safer and more efficient.

In addition, Cenosco is also planning to recruit more people to its ranks to complete its deployment. Employees for the general management sectors, in the field expertise… An advantage that will be felt throughout the company.

Cenosco thought of everything when developing its software for factories and industries. There are as many factories as there are needs, and ways to operate. So that everyone can find themselves and function optimally with the software… Cenosco offers a fully customized interface for everyone.

This merger with Fortino Capitals Partners is therefore good news. An interesting development opportunity, for an assured progression. Thanks to Fortino’s expertise, Cenosco knows that it will be able to expand its networkand assert its position as an expert in B to B software dedicated to factories. Recently, Fortino Capitals Partners also sat at the investor table for Oqton. Another reference company in B to B software

Software tracking active management plants industry
Cenosco’s software can be read on all media: smartphones, computers or tablets.

Industry, a sector that does not experience the crisis in France

While the world is hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry is operating at full throttle. It is one of the few sectors that knows little about the crisis, continuously supplying companies across France and the world. The industry in France is therefore doing well, increasing over the end of 2020 and January 2021. A result beyond the expectations of professionals in the sector. This is particularly true in the constructionsector, taking advantage of a relaxation of sanitary measures,which has resumed its construction sites, interrupted with successive confinements.

The evolution of the industry, and in particular its modernization, shows its importance to the rest of the activities within the country. In the face of the rise of digital solutions, asset management in factories is simpler, faster. In addition, the tools are so developed that it is possible to have real-time information on all equipment. This makes it possible to be more responsive when needed, and above all to anticipate. This is good news for factories, which are increasingly connected for ever more assertive responsiveness.


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