Forever Living, freelance career opportunities through recruitment

Forever Living continues its development and offers career opportunities in the sale of aloe vera. The company, which specializes in growing and selling this product, has developed network marketing to operate. Each seller is independent, and is free to manage his business as he wishes. This flexibility allows these self-employed to exercise in the sale in main activity, or in addition to income. Forever Living is therefore launching recruitment sessions, particularly in Gironde, to offer this opportunity to 150 people. See you on April 12, 2022, from 7:00 pm to 9:45 pm, at La Cité Mondiale in Bordeaux (1).

Forever Living, committed to well-being

Aloe vera is a product renowned for its virtues and benefits on beauty and health. Very fashionable and acclaimed, it is nevertheless not always of good quality, especially when imported from distant countries at a lower cost. Also, faced with this observation, Forever Living was born. Created in the United States in 1978, the group quickly expanded internationally, opening a subsidiary in 1993 in France.

In order to guarantee the quality of its product, Forever Living grows its own aloe vera, on plots in its possession. The group is also responsible for mucilage, a process that recovers the pulp of aloe vera, which will then be sold to customers. A positioning that guarantees local production, in compliance with the product, with controlled production. This seduces customers, in search of a more responsible consumption (2).

But the group does not operate like a traditional company. No employees in the company, but a network of freelancers who are responsible for making the brand known and sold. This makes it possible to recruit profiles from all walks of life, anywhere in France and around the world, and to promote Forever Living products more quickly. In Gironde, the group wants to recruit 150 additional people to join its teams. An ambitious goal, which shows the success of this atypical operation.

Be part of the emergence of new careers

The job market and the desires of employees have evolved in recent years. With the pandemic, on-site work in companies was no longer the norm, driven by teleworking. More flexibility, more freedom in the management of your schedules, a workplace of your choice… The advantages of this self-employment have everything to seduce. However, the biggest disadvantage is the lack of security compared to salaried employment. No permanent contract, fixed-term contract, which also means no fixed income.

It is therefore essential to work harder, to succeed in achieving sufficient goals to live. The choice of these sales or network marketing professions works well for additional income, especially when the self-employed worker has a half-time job. Forever Living fits perfectly into the new expectations of employees after the pandemic, by offering operations adapted to the constraints of everyone’s life. Are network marketing and independent status set to gain momentum in the face of the effects of the pandemic?


(1) Forever Living recruitment operation in Bordeaux on April 12, 2022. Press release issued by Forever Living on March 21, 2021(2) I undertake – Forever Living France

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