FnacDarty x EnVoitureSimone for customer safety

FnacDarty x EnVoitureSimone is committed to road safety. Indeed, the group recently signed a partnership with the connected and state-approved auto-school, En Voiture Simone. The objective of this partnership is to offer a free training program to the route codefor any purchase of a personal travel vehicle.

Since February 25, Fnac Darty’s customers have been accompanied in their road code learning process. This action of the group is part of the strengthened investment in the rapidly changing urban mobility market. Indeed, mobility in the heart of cities is evolving to make way for the use of new means of electric transport. If this change takes place, it must also be accompanied by concrete security in the use of vehicles. Thus Fnac Darty has clearly grasped the new challenges of mobility. While remaining in line with its values, the group is even more committed to offering its customers the best services with FnacDarty x EnVoitureSimone.

The growth of electric mobility in cities

In recent years, electric mobility has been booming in the heart of the territory’s cities. Indeed, there is a collective awareness about the environmental issue. As a result, mobility is subject to new challenges. As a result, governments are seeking to create cleaner mobility, which has fewer negative impacts. The aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and also noise pollution.

For these purposes, electric mobility is the preferred alternative. Electric vehicles are on the market. According to the report of the local solutions book prepared by Ville de France and Enedis in 2020, there were no less than 291,000 electric vehicles in circulation, 29,598 charging points accessible to the public and many fully electrified bus lines. In parallel with the government’s desire to promote electric mobility, economic actors are proposing solutions to address these new challenges. FnacDarty x EnVoitmente understood this. The aim is to co-build solutions to develop sustainable mobility. These take place at all levels and for all types of mobility. As a result, individual and public transport electrifies to improve air quality.

In the heart of the city of Bordeaux,the environmental issue is at the heart of the reflection. Indeed, with its new green mayor, Pierre Hurmic, the city continues its development while taking into account its environmentalimpact. In addition, the city’s electric tramnetwork, for example, has electric buses in 2019.

The public transport system is entering the era of electric mobility. Beyond that, the city intends to motivate the use of individual electric vehicles. Indeed, throughout the Bordeaux metropolitan area, ecomobility requires the promotion of the use of personal electric vehicles. To do this, the city has made 14 charging stations available to users. They include fast and free charging stations. The Fnac Darty Group has clearly understood the importance of these changes. For example, FnacDarty x EnVoitureSimone offer road code training for the purchase of an electric vehicle.

FnacDarty x EnVoitmentse mobility
Electric mobility is booming

FnacDarty x EnVoitmente, promote electric mobility while ensuring the safety of its users

In order to enhance electric mobility and its safe use, the Fnac Darty Group has teamed up with En Voiture Simone. This is the first registered online auto-school. It was founded in 2015 by Edouard Rudolf and Edouard Poles. From its inception, the online car school wants to revolutionize the learning of driving and the passage of a driver’s license. For the latter, it is necessary to simplify the procedures and make the road code and driving more accessible. Thus, its aim is to enable everyone to gain mobility. It is notably present through more than 250 teachers in major French cities such as Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Toulouse, Lille, Montpellier, Grenoble, Rennes, Nantes and Strasbourg.

The offer includes:

  • Citroen Friend
  • Red Electric Scooter
  • Electric bikes
  • Electric scooters
  • Electric Draisiennes
  • Gyropodes
  • Gyroroues
  • Electric skateboards
  • Electric overboards.

When purchasing one of these Fnac Darty products, customers receive an invitation to obtain their road code training through En Voiture Simone. This training takes place directly on the site of En Voiture Simone without limitations of hours. But the offer doesn’t stop there. In fact, it allows you to benefit from a preferential rate of 699 euros instead of 749 euros for the 8 p.m. pack.

In this sense, while the implementation of FnacDarty x EnVoitureSimone corresponds to the group’s commitments to make life easier for their client, it also addresses societal issues. The development of electric mobility products means taking safety into account. It must be said that the electric mobility offer includes innovative vehicles far from traditional cars. However, for users of these as yet unconventional vehicles a reminder of the rules on the road may seem like a good solution to secure this new mobility.


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