Fnac and RED Electric jointly develop urban mobility

The Fnac group and RED Electric are democratising electric urban mobility. It goes to say that urban mobility is the subject of many reflections in order to meet emerging needs. Between urbanization, gridlock and sustainable development, cities and economic actors seek to provide coherent answers. Fnac is committed to this by selecting RED Electric, the French leader in electric scooters. Through this exclusive partnership, the brand intends to extend its urban mobility offering by promoting innovation at the service of societal issues. Thus, the brands of the same group Fnac and Darty will offer a new range of scooter Model E from the manufacturer RED Electric. The scooter will be displayed in about 30 stores and pre-ordered in stores.

Fnac expands its offer with RED Electrics

Electric urban mobility is already well entrenched in our habits. However, it is developing even more to meet the new challenges of cities especially with Fnac and RED Electric. It goes to say that scooters and other electric vehicles have invaded the city centers. However, this phenomenon is not so old. Within the Fnacbrand, the first scooters and hoverboards were released in 2019. Since then, the offer has been enriched with innovative new vehicles.

Among these are gyro-wheels, electric-assisted bicycles. Recently Citroen’s new urban electric car, AMI is developing the existing offering. Thus, Fnac, the European leader in the distribution of cultural goods, leisure goods, technical products and appliances enriches its urban mobility offer a little more with the electric scooter of RED Electric. A novelty that should not go unnoticed since the Fnac-Darty group is the 2nd e-commerce player in terms of audience in France.

Having understood the development opportunities of this new market, Fnac is expanding its offer alongside RED Electric. The French manufacturer is a reference in the B2B market. This leading position has earned it a leading position in the market, which represents no less than 900 million euros for France and nearly 3 billion for Europe. In this sense, the brand intends to seize the opportunities and thus develop a new range of Model E. A 100% connected and technologically disruptive range.

What differentiates RED Electric is its ability to be the only manufacturer to develop its on-board systems and technologies. Thus the technologies are developed in-house by engineers who have mostly made their weapons at Yamaha or Honda. Thus, the partnership between Fnac and RED Electric is an opportunity for the two players to jointly develop the urban mobility market and take advantage of the opportunities it presents. The Model E range divides with different models, such as the E50, the E100, or the E12. Scooters will also be subject to the eco-friendly bonus bonus of up to 900 euros TTC. In addition, this premium can be combined with the aid of certain territories. Thus, the electric mobility market is driven by a desire to change the mode of travel, especially in the city.

fnac and red electric urban mobility solutions
Governments want to promote soft modes of travel

Urban mobility in cities, issues that have become a reality

In the city, urban mobility has become a real headache. Indeed, we must succeed in combining displacement, urbanization and environmental issues. In addition, a problem of congestion at peak times must be addressed. The city of Bordeaux is taking the turn of soft mobility. Indeed, the ecologist mayor Pierre Hurmic intends to continue the promotion of low-polluting urban mobility that has emerged in recent years. In this sense, in the city, users of electric vehicles can use several electric charging stations on public space. These terminals complement the existing offer in some car parks. As a result, 14 stations have already been installed. The system is free. It allows a quick recharging in 20 minutes for any type of car or two-wheeler. These devices are a boon to the offer of The Fnac and RED Electric.

The diversification strategy of the Fnac Darty group allows us to develop an offer with RED Electric that addresses both urbanization and environmental issues. The new offer offered provides a solution for French people who want to get around the city better. The partnership between Fnac and RED Electric is driven by a spirit of innovation and the demand for quality. Indeed, beyond only providing solutions to new needs, the partnership offers the arrival of an innovative product. The electric scooters in the Model E range are the first to offer similar performance to thermal scooters. Thus, it has everything to please and make its more polluting competitors jealous.

Innovation is at the heart of the new mobility challenges. Fnac and RED Electric are committed to providing the technologies needed for these changes. Getting around while respecting environmental issues becomes possible. Electricity is becoming more democratized to make tomorrow’s mobility even more accessible.


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