Flyadeal, a successful operation for an Airbus fleet

Flyadeal is an ambitious airline, based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This company, owned by Saudi Arabia Airlines, has used the services of Airbus to expand its fleet. After the many months of pandemic, airlines around the world have not been able to have sustained activity. A situation that is found in France, but also abroad. The contract between Airbus and Flyadeal marks a turning point in Middle Eastern aviation, with an indispensable service for the airline; Flight Hour Service, which takes into account the current needs of companies and fleets.

Flyadeal chooses tailor-made services

Flyadeal is positioned on a tailor-made offer, adapted to its needs. Buying planes and maintaining an entire fleet requires many financial resources, but also staff to take care of them. In addition, to best maintain the aircraft, they must fly regularly so as not to deteriorate by staying on the tarmac. Also, in order to avoid this problem, Flyadeal used Airbus Flight Service Hour for its fleet.

Flight Hour Service is a set of services dedicated to airlines that have fleet needs, but also want day-to-day support. This is a long-term agreement for a fleet of 1000 A320 aircraft as well as flight hour services. It is a set of fully integrated hardware services to improve the operational reliability of devices.

Thus, among the services to which the airline Flyadeal is entitled with Flight Hour Service, there is in particular access to the spare pool; stock availability directly on site for faster repair of devices; but also the engineering and repair of different components. This allows Flyadeal to have the assurance of a fleet always functional to guarantee commercial flights around the world.

These services are highly valued by airlines after the months of pandemic. Airlines affected by the lack of activity related to the closure of many air routes that can no longer accommodate passengers on board the aircraft. A difficult situation for the economy of airlines like Flyadeal or many others. Also, to deal with this delicate situation, companies like Airbus are reaching out to companies to support them.

Airline aircraft in flight
The planes stayed on the ground for a long time for the airlines.

Flight Hour Services operates internationally

The pandemic has strongly affected the aeronautics sector. For manufacturers like Airbus, a drop in the number of orders for commercial aircraft. Indeed, because they cannot take off as much as before, airlines are keeping their planes. Planes that remain on the tarmac for lack of flying. This period is as difficult from an economic point of view as from a human point of view. Because during the pandemic, due to a lack of activity, aeronautics companies have broken many contracts with their employees.

Not spared, the aeronautics sector, and more particularly Airbus, have not given up. Indeed, in addition to its commitment to the conquest of space, the company is also involved in offering rigorous offers for its customers. Airlines thus have the Flight Hour Service to support their activity by having the assurance of having functional devices.

Flyadeal is one of those airlines that have used this service to facilitate their recovery. But it is not the only one. Indeed, in less than six months, eleven airlines have requested Flight Hour Service. Thus, just like Flyadeal, they benefit from a complete equipment and maintenance service based on a contractual payment at a fixed hourly rate.

This operation is bearing fruit and makes it possible to resume aeronautical activity serenely. For Airbus, there is no doubt that the Flight Hour Service is attracting continued interest and has great potential. This allows smaller airlines or larger ones like Flyadeal to monitor their costs and contain their investments over time. A balance necessary to find a cruising pace, far from the clouds of the pandemic.


Airbus celebrates the 1,000th aircraft covered by Flight Hour Services with flyadeal. Airbus press release of 17 August 2021

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