Fisker and Mekonomen, a bet on the mobility of tomorrow

Fisker and Mekonomen sign an agreement for the mobility of tomorrow. This agreement allows delivery, maintenance and fleet management across three countries. Denmark, Sweden and Norway are three countries particularly concerned by the search for better mobility solutions. This partnership therefore perfectly meets the needs of consumers in these countries… And could even spread to other countries of the European Union, or even the world. A large-scale partnership, which also rebounds on Fisker’s activity, with the upcoming arrival of a brand new vehicle…

Fisker, revolutionizing green mobility

Since its creation, Fisker has been an innovative car manufacturer, focused on the construction of electric vehicles. Vehicles that meet a need for greener mobility, in line with the needs of motorists. Faced with the general awareness of countries in favor of ecology and development… Fisker thus has a nice card to play, betting in particular on the upcoming release of his latest vehicle.

Repair car garage
Mekonomen takes care of the maintenance of fisker vehicle fleets.

The Fisker Ocean SUV is thus the latest electric vehicle of the brand. A car not yet marketed to date, but which already seduces, especially Norway, Sweden and Denmark. These three countries have already placed an order to receive the first three customers of the European Union. They should be able to try them in November 2022.

This new electric SUV is already one of the most sustainable vehicles in the world, following the manufacturer’s commitments since its beginnings. In France, some companies have also placed orders, such as Agilauto, a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance. The group wants to equip its employees with this new 100% electric vehicle. However, this fleet will not arrive on French soil before the beginning of 2023.

The partnership between Fisket and Mekonomen therefore carries a message of hope. Indeed, Mekonomen provides a complete after-sales service to Fisker’s customers. Thus, the Swedish brand provides the American manufacturer with outsourced solutions for the delivery of vehicles, a maintenance service… But also fleet management, or mobile fleet maintenance and refurbishment of damaged or broken vehicles.

A strategic partnership for the future of mobility

The announcement of the partnership between Fisket and Mekonomen is good news for the automotive industry and mobility in general. Indeed, Mekonomen’s expertise in repairing vehicles increases their service life. By repairing vehicle fleets, this saves on car expenses… While having a positive impact on the environment. Repairing rather than throwing away makes it possible to limit the creation of waste that is little or not recyclable… This pollutes less.

Dealership fleet
Fisker makes electric vehicle fleets available to companies.

Mekonomen is also a mobility facilitator. The group has already started its transition to newer technologies a long time ago… But also greener. All these innovations and search for solutions are based on the automotive aftermarket. To date, the company has more than 3000 affiliated workshops throughout Scandinavia. An important presence, which reinforces the usefulness and relevance of this partnership with Fisker.

Fisker’s development is therefore also full of promise, starting with the upcoming arrival of its Fisker Ocean SUV on the market. The automotive industry is developing throughout the world, betting on greener energy and more sustainable solutions. The first prototype of this revolutionary vehicle will be presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show. An appointment across the Atlantic for all enthusiasts of new technologies… and vehicles.

Fisker has already established other equally strategic partnerships with companies other than Mekonomen. Indeed, the American car manufacturer has notably approached Cox Automotive or Rivus Fleet Solutions in the United Kingdom.

On May 13, 2021, Fisker signed a framework agreement with Foxconn for the PEAR project. PEAR, a revolutionary segment vehicle sold under the Fisker brand in the North American, European, Chinese and Indian markets. A partnership at the service of the brand’s ambitions.


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