FBD, a renewed success after Franchise Expo

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FBD, leader in kitchen franchises, has promising development prospects for the year 2022. The group unveiled its major projects at franchise expo, which took place from 20 to 23 March 2022. For the groups and franchise networks participating in this show, the opportunity was above all to meet new partners and potential new franchisees. This event is for FBD the way to promote its objectives to as many people as possible.

FBD, a group with dynamic brands

FBD is the leader in kitchen franchises (1). Advocating values worthy of a company on a human scale, the group looks to the future, to the realization of new projects. Ambitions of a large group with a well-established operation. Franchise Expo was for FBD the ideal lever to launch these steps, to set up its strategy. After the pandemic, companies, especially franchise networks, are looking to the future, and are regaining a longer-term vision.

The FBD group brings together several brands on a European scale (2). Some, such as Ixina (160 brands in France), Cuisines Références (100 stores) or Cuisine Plus (50 stores), are well known in France and present throughout the country. Vanden Borre Kitchen is more present in Belgium. An experience for several decades, which allows the group to establish itself as a leader in the sector.

FBD, leader in kitchen franchises, wants to continue to grow

Faced with this success, the group is pursuing the ambition to continue its growth by opening more franchises on all its brands. On the occasion of Franchise Expo, FBD was then represented by Ixina and Cuisine Plus. The kitchen market is doing well, with kitchen designers having largely done well. In this context, franchisees turn to networks to open a store, the failure rate being much lower than for a traditional opening (3).

Cooking, a healthy sector after the pandemic

With the pandemic, the French are turning to their well-being, to their own comfort. The kitchen then becomes even more important, and must meet more expectations. More space, more practicality, more storage, ergonomics This often rhymes with choosing another type of kitchen layout. Groups like FBD are then at the disposal of consumers who wish to rethink their project. A success that is felt, with a performance greater than expected, of the order of 30 to 33% (4).

Faced with this desire of households to rethink their housing and adapt it to their tastes and needs… The latter do not hesitate to turn to professionals, recognized for their skills and know-how. A phenomenon that benefits the franchise networks that continue to be deployed throughout the country. With this in mind, FBD wants to encourage new vocations among people interested in operation, but not specifically focused on the kitchen sector. To this end, the group has set up a Talent Exchange that concerns and supports the franchisees of tomorrow.

A programmed success for a sector whose activity is not weakening, quite the contrary!


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