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Exolis, an application that frames the care path

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Exolis is a solution that intends to revolutionize the relationship between patient and caregiver with care pathways. For a few years now, connected health has been developing, bringing with it new innovations. Their goal: to facilitate the entire care process, from the care of the patient to the continuation of his treatment and follow-up. Caring for patients and ensuring their safety is one of the challenges for caregivers. Saving time and all the operations that can facilitate their daily lives is also an essential issue. Exolis arrives with an application that supports patients in their journey… But also caregivers in the management of patients on a daily basis.

Exolis, an actor involved in “yes to e-health”

Since August 22, the media campaign “Yes to e-health”has reached the general public. It is necessary to promote remote health solutions to all patients, but also to healthcare professionals. Indeed, new innovations respond to the challenges encountered for these two profiles. For caregivers, applications such as Exolis save considerable time, but also facilitate the organization. For the patient, connected e-health offers better monitoring, as well as accessibility to all the information of the health journey.

The app allows caregivers to monitor the health status of their patients, even remotely. Indeed, thanks to a complete questionnaire, depending on the answers given by the patient, their condition is translated by a color code. The color then reveals the urgency of the patient’s state of health. This then allows caregivers to better prioritize the order of passage in terms of emergencies, and thus treat first the patients most at risk.

The wait in the emergency room can be very long, especially if there are a lot of people waiting. And in most cases, 85% of patients who wait are fine, or at least have a health condition that does not require absolute urgency. In addition, patients can more easily access their entire tracking from their smartphone.

Exolis allows them to consult all the documents related to their previous consultations, all the information related to their pathology… But also to see all their next appointments, so as not to miss any more. Indeed, the appointment reminder function makes it possible to no longer forget an upcoming consultation… And thus, to reduce by 50% the absence of the patient at the appointment.

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Exolis facilitates the care path of the patient and caregiver.

On the caregivers’ side, a considerable time saving

Exolis greatly facilitates the daily lives of patients, accompanying them in their pathology on a daily basis. Most report better understanding and managing their pathology through this application. It is also a question of better document management, with a totally dematerialized service. Especially since their health occupies their minds more, with connections approximately every six hours.

But for caregivers, what are the benefits of Exolis, or similar services in their daily lives? The digitalization of certain services saves valuable time in all stages of patient care. Starting with the prioritization of care according to the state of health of each patient received, as mentioned above.

Exolis allows a better administrative care of the patient. Indeed, it is no longer necessary to give many forms to fill out by hand… Pre-admission is fully digitized. Thus, this allows caregivers to save an average of 8.2 minutes of time for each patient. This represents a 40% increase in speed between reception and care.

But this time saving also makes it possible to have all the history of the patient, and thus to better direct him to the most suitable service. This efficiency has another considerable advantage: the possibility of accommodating many more patients than before. Thus, the wait is reduced, the efficiency maximized. This allows patients to get treatment faster, and caregivers to be less overwhelmed.

When we talk about e-health, teleconsultation also comes into play in the equation. Widely popularized during the pandemic, to take no health risk, it allows you to see your doctor remotely. This brings many advantages: more freedom in your private sphere, less travel…


Development of connected health: What gains for patients and healthcare professionals? Exolis, press release published on September 13, 2021

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