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The Agenda section, the opportunity to discover all the dynamism of the Bordeaux region. Throughout the year, Bordeaux sees business events flourish for all sectors of activity. Webinars, conferences, trade fairs and Masterclasses, all events that highlight the professional life of the city.

The many events that take place throughout the year are at the service of the leaders and managers of today and tomorrow. The place of the entrepreneur in Bordeaux is central, and contributes directly to the face that the city is shaping.

Events that BORDEAUX Business highlights on its online agenda, at the heart of its Newsletter… And in its semi-annual Magazine.

Septembre, 2022

Agenda, events and must-see places in Bordeaux

Major professional events take place every week in Bordeaux. Events attended by entrepreneurs from Bordeaux, but also from elsewhere. With the current period, related to COVID-19, it is difficult to continue to meet physically. Sanitary measures do not cancel, but transform the course and format of events. In the BORDEAUX Business agenda, the year 2020 is different, marked by the digitalization of events. COVID-19, instead of erasing social interactions, brings them closer together.

The organizers look forward to bringing participants and speakers together again. Events in places like the Palais de la Bourse, the Parc des Expositions, the Cité du Vin … Or gatherings at the CCI in Bordeaux, and in many other places. The BORDEAUX Business Agenda continues to fill up month after month, on many aspects.

Companies want to continue to have a professional life. Especially since today’s leaders need expert advice more than ever. Thanks to the advice they receive, they can turn more easily to tomorrow… Towards a future away from the pandemic.

Technology, innovations, health, are all sectors of activity that are developing and that require the holding of events and meetings. B to B events in Bordeaux, which contribute to the dynamism of the city, of the region.

Professional meetings, the key point of Bordeaux

BORDEAUX Business constantly feeds the agenda of professional events held in Bordeaux. Events where exchange is at the heart of their unfolding. Business districts are developing in the city, testifying to a consequent desire to undertake.

Register for yourself to take part in these events. Appointments that can help you, why not, to regain control of your business. To start off on the right foot, or benefit from the feedback of entrepreneurs from the same sector.

Bordeaux is a city where the creation of businesses, and sharing never stops. A business destination par excellence, the variety of events that take place there reflects this well. A city connected to the rest of the world, which attracts and supports all entrepreneurs. To gather, guide and develop entrepreneurship… And this, throughout the year!

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