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“In 2016, the fair and fair trade sector generates 4.3 billion euros in sales” according to a study by INSEE (1). It is a sector that is growing a little more each year. Fairs and fairs attract mostly foreign companies and customers. In addition to this rather professional customer sector, the event also concerns culture and sport. Cultural events cover a multitude of themes such as art, entertainment, history and music. They take place throughout the year. The music industry, on the other hand, is at its peak during the summer. Music festivals of all kinds are usually scheduled from late spring to late summer, early autumn. They see their organization totally shaken by the passage of the Covid, and have to adapt. Digital would be the main source of solutions.

Events, a sector at a standstill

While events are a job-bearing sector, 2020 is going to be very different. Although it is growing in sales year on year, the Covid-19 has completely paralyzed the event sector.

Fighting the gathering of individuals is one of the most disabling health precautions for events. Indeed, an event, by definition, is a physical manifestation of grouping of individuals around the same theme. Such a demonstration can bring together tens to hundreds or even thousands of people. This is absolutely unthinkable to contemplate in this period of de-containment.

Although some music festivals, conventions or fairs are postponed until the start of the school year; September/October 2020, the event faces other difficulties.

Entrants to the event market find themselves at a dead end. How do you bounce back when you are a young graduate of the event world, with no professional experience in the middle of a coronavirus period? It is, of course, very delicate.

A multitude of alternating contracts, internships and jobs that have been cancelled or eliminated. It is a departure in the professional world that is then pushed back.

The Covid-19 has also been synonymous with change in recent times. It is repeated, but Man has great adaptability. The event market will therefore undergo a major upheaval in the months and years to come.

Alternatives, the event of tomorrow

In order to curb the losses of the various sectors directly affected by the Covid-19, the State has put in place numerous aids.

On 10 June 2020, the Government issued a press release announcing its plan to support the hotel, restaurant, coffee, tourism,events, sport and culture sectors (2).

In the case of events, there is a solidarity fund. The latter is accessible for companies in the various sectors mentioned above, and also for artists authors. This solidarity fund is available until the end of 2020.

“Artist-authors will be entitled to a flat-rate reduction in social security contributions of a variable amount calculated according to their 2019 income” according to the same press release.

These measures demonstrate the importance and importance of the State in helping these sectors of activity. The Government does not forget them. It implements support solutions for a gradual resumption of their activity.

In order to cope with a significant number of cancellations and massive postponements, the event event has also been thinking about solutions. He is the author of many requests.

Among them, the exemption of all employer payroll taxes until December 2021, or the free use of sites used for fairs, congresses, fairs, etc.

Apart from financial demands, the event offers alternatives to continue to run the business. These alternatives are highly related to the use of digital technology. Events 2.0 are on.

The digital bet: interactive events

A unique event experience

The concept of an interactive event is not yet well known to ordinary people. It will, however, soon be.

Indeed, a giant of music festivals: Tomorrowland, has decided to launch a new kind of event experience.

Tomorrowland usually hosts its festival-goers on two weekends in July, on a dedicated physical site in Belgium. This year, with the constraints brought by the Covid-19 crisis, the dates of the physical edition had to be cancelled. It’s for the benefit of a unique virtual experience.

The famous festival then launches its “Tomorrowland Around the World, the digital festival” on July 25 and 26, 2020. Internet users from all over the world will be able to connect on a 3D platform to watch the artists perform. Among them, Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, and Lost Frequencies will be present virtually to sing and move the whole world, literally.

An innovative concept

It is this crazy and daring challenge to offer a digital, 3D, virtual alternative to an essential music festival; Tomorrowland today.

To be viable, experts in 3D and virtual innovations helped make this project a reality. The interactive festival will bring together the best technologies in terms of 3D design, gaming, video production, and special effects.

The show will take place on 8 stages. Festival-goers or Internet users will be able to choose, as in physical editions, which artists they want to see perform. Tickets have been on sale online since June 18 to participate in this extraordinary experience. This is an opportunity to participate in the first representation of what tomorrow’s events may look like.

The event industry is facing a major enemy: a global pandemic. In an activity where physical gathering and sharing are in the spotlight, however, it is not easy to reconcile them with the health restrictions associated with Covid-19. These constraints have, despite everything, given rise to beautiful projects and innovations. This is the bold bet of the Tomorrowland electronic music festival. It is launching its virtual and interactive edition for a new experience this summer. In addition to being innovative, this idea creates curiosity. Isn’t it inspiring to see so many projects emerging in this vision of adaptation?


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