Failing computer equipment, the black spot of employees?

For employees, computer equipment is an integral part of work equipment. Having become indispensable, especially with the expansion of teleworking, it was nevertheless present long before, facilitating data management in many sectors of activity. However, IT sometimes remains unstable, causing slowdowns in work. These small inconveniences of everyday life consciously or unconsciously impact the motivation and productivity of employees.

Setbacks that impact productivity

A slowdown in the loading of a web page, an interruption of Wifi … These inconveniences regularly occur in the daily lives of employees and executives of a company. Most executives have professional computer equipment, such as a laptop (81%) or a tablet (22%).

In particular, this increases the possibility of working remotely, as was the case during the pandemic. However, managers aspire to more comfortable working conditions, especially from the point of view of their computer equipment. 55% of executives believe they encounter COMPUTER difficulties during their working day. A disruption that has a significant impact on their productivity: every day, they estimate that they lose 26 minutes of work related to these difficulties.

As a rule, it is not the executives who choose their own equipment. However, this computer equipment serves them beyond the strict framework of work. Indeed, one in two executives uses their professional computer in their personal lives. In some companies, computer equipment is sometimes aging, sometimes obsolescence to the detriment of efficiency at work.

The quality of equipment and working conditions affect the satisfaction of employees and managers. The pandemic has been a decisive period for this motivation, particularly promoting changes in career paths. According to 58% of executives, the quality of the IT equipment made available plays an important role in their decision to stay in office or leave the company.

Computer work framework productivity
Working conditions change if computer equipment is not efficient enough.

Changing needs for IT equipment

Managers ask to work in good conditions. To meet the requirements of their business, and contribute to its recovery, the proposed computer equipment becomes essential. Also, to meet their objective of involvement, executives are more demanding on certain aspects.

For example, 55% of executives believe that their computer equipment is not sufficiently efficient in relation to their activity. They then want their superior to offer them more recent and efficient equipment. A large majority also want recurring computer problems (servers, internal software, etc.) to be repaired to work in better conditions.

Computer equipment is an important area of expenditure for a company. It is also a pole that has efforts to make on an ecological, energy and environmental level. Indeed, producing computer equipment requires resources, and pollutes. However, solutions exist, more and more common within companies.

Reconditioning computer hardware is one of the most common actions. Instead of destroying hardware that is still functional, companies are busy repairing what needs to be repaired, so that the computer can regain a second life. For the company, it also saves money. An action to which 85% of executives are even in favor.


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