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Epicery is committed to local merchants and craftsmen for their resumption of activity. In Nouvelle-Aquitaine, as in all other regions of France, the pandemic has left its mark… Traces still visible on some actors of the economy, including companies, shops and local craftsmen. While economic activity is slowly recovering, the time has come for an effective recovery to get back on the right foot. A recovery that promises to be intense, but with the support of the region, and Epicery, eager to promote the “Made in Nouvelle-Aquitaine”. Small businesses and artisans are among the local actors most affected by restrictions and lockdowns.

Epicery establishes a strategic partnership with the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region draws the first observations of the Covid-19 period, and notes how difficult it has been for small local traders and artisans. Also, it is part of a desire for 360 ° support for these actors. To accelerate its strategy to revive the local economy,Nouvelle-Aquitaine has launched a call for projects.

This call for projects aimed to set up a partnership between the region and a marketplace that stands alongside these impacted entrepreneurs. And among all the candidates of this call for projects, it is Epicery who has stood out. This start-up created in 2016 values live commerce, but especially proximity. A partnership in all logical with the region, which pursues the same objective.

Neo-Aquitaine companies that join the platform therefore have access to a preferential rate on the subscription, up to 38% of the €129 monthly requested by Epicery. In addition, they benefit from tailor-made support, the creation of online sales sites, e-commerce management… Up to the elements concerning the delivery and the logistical aspect.

These are essential aspects of the digital transformation of a company that wants to expand its business. But for most traders and craftsmen, this transformation is difficult to implement, due to lack of time and often sufficient knowledge. Creating your own e-commerce site and ensuring its development requires time and a significant financial investment… Resources that are not necessarily available to local merchants.

Many local merchants have already chosen to use the services of Epicery for their operation. Moreover, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region has released nearly €75,000 in funds to carry out this operation… And thus provide all the necessary tools to local businesses to develop the leverage of e-commerce; and thus to increase the turnover serenely.

Local fresh products, at the heart of the challenges of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

Food e-commerce sales on the rise in France

E-commerce sales have evolved significantly, even more significantly since the beginning of the pandemic lockdown in March 2020. Indeed, in the absence of being able to open shops and sell physically, they have taken the digital turn. Also, many marketplace-type platforms have been created to support small local players.

On the consumer side, too, the issue of local consumption remains important. Indeed, supporting local artisans and traders also contributes to the recovery of the local economy. In addition, for a few years now, the regions have been promoting local shopping. A commitment that Epicery also pursues, by offering customers only the purchase of local products, so that all products are as fresh as possible… And limit long journeys.

For this, the company only makes deliveries to its customers by means of bicycle or electric scooter. Solutions that are good for the environment, which go hand in hand with the commitment of the locality. Also, customers are very receptive to this initiative, as are merchants. To date, more than 200 merchants are listed on Epicery, including forty located in Bordeaux and surroundings.

If we thought the online sale of fresh food products impossible a few years ago, the trend has evolved. Indeed, in 2017, this type of sale in France represented “only” 6 billion euros. In 2020, it amounted to 8.2 billion euros, and is still far from the projections planned for 2025… €13 billion. A direct response to the effects of the pandemic on the evolution and transformation of food companies and businesses?

There are still initiatives to be put in place, measures to accompany and support local merchants in their digital transformation, in particular. The engaging results show that the path is taken, it remains only to register more durably.


The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region chooses epicery to facilitate the digitalization of its merchants and artisans! Epicery press release of July 2021

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