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The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region helps companies in their digital transformation. An obligatory passage, the implementation of which can be facilitated by financial assistance. Support for digital transformation is also particularly desirable in this period of crisis, when we do not see the end of confinement and economic activity is slowing down. Thus, according to the Region, 9 out of 10 SMEs in France recognize themselves concerned by digital technology. However, few feel able to pass the course. Digital is a matter for specialists. And everything is now in place to allow SMEs to be accompanied serenely.

The digital transformation of companies, a winning long-term strategy

Startups, large companies, micro-enterprises… regardless of the structure of the company, its main issue will always be the same. Be visible in order to sell your goods the most, or offer its services to prospects potentially interested in the brand. But the company’s local reputation is no longer enough to cover such a goal. Companies, whatever their size, VSEs or SMEs, are choosing to turn to digital technology, a real development aid.

It is also an interesting solution, because digital technology makes it possible to break down physical boundaries. Thus, even a sole proprietorship must think about setting up an adapted digital strategy. However, the transition to digital and digital is not simply the transposition of the company’s classic strategy. So the thinking of the entrepreneur must evolve, and understand how digital works to project a new strategy. More than just a complementary lever, the digital strategy has been for a few years now a sinequanone condition for the sustainability of a company. Even traditional sectors, such as the wine sector, are going digital to stay in the race.

The digital transformation of companies is not just a matter of marketing or design.

Essential strategic support

The digital transition or digital transformation cannot be improvised. You have to be able to look far, to be able to project yourself into a long-term strategy, but able to evolve with the times. To support companies wishing to turn to the use of digital technology, aid exists, regardless of their turnover. Starting with companies specializing in digital strategy. They aim to define the appropriate strategy according to the state of the market, the objectives of their client.

A decisive overview to choose the most suitable path. This is the core business of Cabinet LEXAN,located in Bordeaux and Paris. Specialized in Digital Business, the firm supports executives in their digital strategy, and offers its services on the digital transformation market. The business leader is thus involved in his strategy to assess the evolutions over the months. The results require patience and application because, like a “classic” strategy, the digital strategy requires time. But it’s worth it, to stay present in a sometimes very competitive market.

New Aquitaine at the service of its businesses

For some companies, the first issue is financial. Like any evolution of a company, an investment is to be expected for this digital transition. The creation of a website to present the company and its services, advertising and all the levers have a cost. It should be noted, however, that with the democratization of tools, the first steps in Digital Business are becoming more and more accessible. As a result, many companies are putting this shift off the board because they cannot invest. Yet that’s what it’s all about: an investment.

And for good reason, where communication is often judged as an expense item, digital turns the situation around. By holding both communication, marketing and sales functions, it becomes an investment position, with the resulting ROI. The “numerical calculation” must thus be correlated with the expected benefits.

COVID-19 did not fix things, temporarily halting the work of many structures. But many of them are unaware that aid is offered to companies that want to start their digital transition. Starting with an accompaniment in this important turn. Indeed, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, the Chambre des Métiers et de l’Artisanat de Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the CCI Nouvelle-Aquitaine offer the digital TPE program (1). As well as regular workshops on various themes.

This program aims to support companies that want to develop their presence via digital, sell their products online, but also fully integrate the digital dimension into the strategic levers of their business. The implementation of an action plan structured according to the digital maturity and the objectives of the company is therefore part of the program.

“The Digital Transformation Cheque”

The Digital Transformation Cheque in Nouvelle-Aquitaine is a welcome help to get started in the best conditions, on request (2). Thus, the Region and the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) offer SMEs and SMIs a “digital transformation cheque” if digital transformation is a major challenge for their development. This aid is allocated on file, up to 50% of the expenses for a maximum amount of 150,000 euros.

To receive this aid, the company must demonstrate growth potential and a relevant development strategy,with a real need. It must also be able to support the funding plan and be in administrative and financial compliance.

The digital transformation program for SMEs and mid-caps in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The digital transformation program aims to support SMEs and mid-caps that have already matured a digital strategy (3). In addition to an already framed strategy, the eligible companies are also those that have benefited from a digital transformation diagnosis. This diagnosis was thus carried out as part of the support programs funded by the Region. Factory of the future, TransfoNum SME…

This aid from the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region concerns projects with a budget of more than one million euros. As part of this digital transformation programme, the Region is participating up to a maximum of 50% for SMEs and 15% for large companies.

On the program to be eligible for this aid: develop a customer-centric strategy,i.e. put the customer at the center; improve the agility of the structure; develop the use, the customer experience; create value with its partners.

Aid to targeted sectors: the example of tourism

Finally, there are also aid distributed by sector of activity. Among the most impacted by COVID-19, tourism has every interest in digitizing. To support it in this process, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region offers assistance dedicated to tourism businesses (4). This help allows them to start their digital transformation and experimentation with new business tools. This assistance covers several objectives: the increase in visibility, and the response to changes in the use of tourist customers.

Thus, the companies concerned by this aid receive support of up to 50% of eligible expenditure according to several criteria, for an amount between €8,000 and €60,000. In addition to these aids, the New Aquitaine Region has reached out to its companies, to allow them to resume a serene activity. Financial aid is provided to support the most vulnerable companies.

In short, the transition to digital is necessary to continue to have a sustainable business. The development of competition in many industries often precipitates this decision, which must not be sloppy. Because like a classic business strategy, the digital strategy must work in the medium and long term.


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