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Enterprise: Augmented reality at the service of business strategy

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Among all the technologies that exist for companies, the most original remains augmented reality. Standing out makes it possible to reach more people sensitive to these uses, by strengthening its image. That of a modern company that follows trends to communicate with its community and future customers. The technology of the moment is to create augmented reality filters on social networks like Instagram, which can be widely shared. Transmit a message, enhance your brand through social networks… The stakes are multiple, and to be integrated into the company’s strategy.

Create an augmented reality filter for social networks in the image of your brand

Traditional communication on social networks has become common for all brands. In order to attract new customers and stand out from its competitors, a company must find innovative solutions. Creating an augmented reality filter for social networks is then a good marketing strategy. Many brands have already taken the plunge, to promote the release of a new product, for example.

Thus, brands such as Perrier, Sephora or Oasis have made the bet to create their own filter in augmented reality. This allows them to highlight their brand, creating a unique design. The playful aspect of this technology contributes to its success with users.

As a company, turning to this type of creation, strategic leverage, makes it possible to reach a larger target. But creating an augmented reality filter requires certain skills, especially technical. Specialized companies such as FilterMaker,which take care of producing the ideal filter to meet the needs of its customer.

These filters make it possible to meet various objectives for the brand. Propose a product, highlight its brand image, convert more new customers… So many elements that allow a brand to be noticed on social networks. For a company, these new technologies bring possibilities and important development levers.

Instagram has over a billion monthly active users. Users who are used to following brands, companies whose products and values they appreciate. In total, this target represents more than 200 million people. Potential customers who know this social network well, and who like to use all the options it offers. They are ideal people to promote the brand thanks to this augmented reality filter… People who must therefore be seduced, with an innovative concept.

A few months ago, Amazon had carried out a fun campaign that had a significant impact on its business. Instagram users had to carry a package from point A to point B by simply moving their heads in front of their phone. This filter was then intended to promote the new account of the marketplace on Instagram.

Augmented reality apartment decoration
Augmented reality makes it possible to project oneself on construction sites for example.

Creating content, a strategic bet for companies

While business strategies are largely turning to digital and social networks, it is essential to stand out. Offer innovative content that appeals to customers, and is different from what competitors do. Augmented reality is a differentiating technology, highly appreciated by users of social networks and new technologies in general.

Digital is no longer just a help to develop, but a strong strategic lever that requires an entire organization to bear fruit. To achieve this, companies call on partners, service providers who master these technologies to better understand how it works and who can help them take this important turn.

Beyond creating filters in virtual reality, and offering fun content with a strong visual identity… Companies also have every interest in taking care of their communication, so that their objective is not masked by content unrelated to the company. This delicate balance adapts with the target.

It is therefore important upstream to know what the objectives of the company are, and what the expectations of the target are. This makes it possible to create adapted content so that everyone can find his account. The universe of the brand must be felt through all its content, augmented reality as well as more classic communication.

This content must vary to change the company’s communication. Virtual reality, gamification, filters, surveys… Anything that allows interaction between the brand and the customer creates a bond. An unwavering bond, which makes it possible to retain a community, while developing it.


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