Employment makes its spring in Bordeaux

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For people on the move, the arrival of spring often coincides with the resumption of the job offer. In Nouvelle-Aquitaine and mainly in Bordeaux, some sectors stand out more than others.

On March 15, 16 and 17, 2022, the 6th edition of the event “3 days with the Geiq” will take place. This is an event that aims to make known the device that facilitates the integration of job seekers and also companies looking for candidates. The Geiq are groups of employers for integration and qualification. The event is also an opportunity for the Geiq Multi Agri 33 to highlight the positions to be filled within it. Indeed, the Geiq has 17 positions to fill. These positions concern, for example, the trades of landscape worker, landscape team leader, horticultural nurseryman, agricultural machinery operators, etc. Geiq play the major role in acting as an intermediary between companies, training centres and individuals. The Geiq Multi Agri 33, accompanied 74 people with an integration rate of 94%. These are encouraging figures that show the effectiveness of the actions put in place.

Murfy recruits a team leader and appliance technicians M/F

Murfy is the specialist in the repair of large household appliances. In 2022, it is strengthening its teams throughout France, particularly in Gironde, Landes and Charente-Maritime. Murfy was created to meet the demand for repair of household appliances, when replacing is neither ecological nor economical…

Recruitment that accelerates

The company recruits from 5 to 10 people, beginners accepted, competent in repair of major appliances, as well as a Team Leader. The profession of appliance technician gives pride of place to technical know-how. A sector where the profiles are penuric in the face of the demand that continues to grow to repair the devices, rather than lead them to the garbage dump …

The job consists of working with individuals for home repairs, on permanent contracts, for a salary ranging from 24,000 to 34,000 euros gross annually, depending on experience. A company vehicle is also provided.

The position of Team Leader, supervising about six local technicians, is paid on a permanent contract up to 38,000 euros gross annually. He manages the distribution of interventions, as well as the integration of new technicians.

Murfy job offers can be found in detail on their website

The repair sector in full boom

According to INSEE data in December 2021, the Turnover Index – Repair of household appliances and equipment for the home and garden was 132.61. This index makes it possible to measure the evolution of the activity of companies on a monthly basis. From year to year, it continues to grow. Indeed, in December 2018 it was 110.50 (2).

Murfy also notes the development of the activity. Faced with the demand of the French to repair rather than throw away their devices, the company must now recruit. This increase in demand is linked on the one hand to a collective awareness of consumers. Confronted daily with the climate emergency, the latter are gradually integrating new , more respectful modes of consumption. Thus, the circular economy is becoming more democratic.

At the same time, more responsible consumption is also strongly encouraged by the public authorities. Since 2014, various laws have followed one another to fight against waste and planned obsolescence. The latest is the law on the fight against waste and the circular economy of 10 February.

It aims to clearly identify on a product its repairability via a score out of 10. Murfy is therefore in a promising market and must therefore ensure its development by promoting jobs of the future. Indeed, for the latter, the profession of technician is a profession that must be better valued. It is a manual job that requires real know-how. At the same time, it is an impact business that meets and will meet the needs of society in the long term. Currently, there are many jobs to be created. Repair and reconditioning are done locally and generate jobs that cannot be relocated.

The GEIQ network recruits alternately on the penuric trades

The Employers’ Groups for Integration and Qualification make it possible to recruit by training employees on jobs in tension. All profile types can access these offers.

The network, in the form of an association, operates throughout France. The goal is to find the company directly and to accompany the employee and his tutor throughout the course. In the end, the new recruit is trained, accompanied, and operational in companies, on professions where the employment situation is rather tense.

Thus, for example, in the construction sector (electrician, network fitter, mason, etc.);

Industry (line operator, maintenance technician, boilermaker welder, etc.);

transport (driver of heavy goods vehicles, buses, etc.);

sport-animation (sports educator, sports animator …)

of agriculture is green spaces (landscape worker, wine worker …)

of the hotel industry…. (maintenance agent, reception manager, server…), etc.

The Geiq also makes it possible to address the majority of a priority audience, far from employment. With a successful integration in the long term at more than 70%. Companies can thus count on a motivated employee, who will be trained and supported thanks to the device.

A model that has been working efficiently for more than thirty years.

GRDF is recruiting for the start of the 2022 school year with about twenty alternating positions

GRDF supplies more than 11 million French households every day. To this end, it maintains the largest distribution network in Europe, with 202,759 km, in more than 9,500 municipalities… GRDF is also increasingly developing green gas, a renewable gas produced locally.

In this context, the company recruits in Nouvelle-Aquitaine about twenty profiles from bac pro to bac + 5, on the challenges of the rise of green gas, the development of gas mobility (BioNGV / NGV, the deployment of equipment connected with communicating meters, or the security of the network. The jobs sought include gas technicians M/F, project managers (M/F), customer advisors (M/F) or preventer (M/F).

All with an attractive remuneration, the coverage of travel expenses, housing aid or assistance in the financing of the driving license

Namely that nearly one in two work-study students is hired permanently at the end of their work-study program.

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