Edumoov, the e-education platform

Edumoov, created in 2014 by school teachers, is an online platform aimed at facilitating the daily lives of teachers. Indeed, Edumoov is a major playerin first-degree e-education. Thus, the platform is used by more than 300,000 school teachers. Among other things, it gives teachers access to web management and organisational solutions. Nevertheless, it also allows parents of students to have personalized follow-up of their child and direct contact with the teacher. The health crisis thus accelerated the development of Edumoov with a substantial demand to be met. More than 20% of schools in France now use Edumoov in at least one classroom.

In the context of a health crisis for the past year, regional actors are mobilizing to provide solutions. These solutions are aimed at students, students, but also for teachers. Educational continuity is thus essential in a setting such as this.

Edumoov, a solution to facilitate the organization of teachers

Edumoov is an online platform created in 2014. Set up by school teachers, it is aimed atprimary schoolteachers. The aim is to automate and optimize the daily tasks of teachers in order to save them time. Thus, on the platform, teachers can have online access to a text book, digital school booklets, preparation sheets etc. All the tools necessary for the proper preparation of the days as well as the good management are at their disposal. Students and parents also have access to this platform in order to have a follow-up and a link with the teacher.

Edumoov is available in three distinct applications. The first is Educartable,it allows teachers to pass on messages, homework or photos to parents to parents. This allows, among other things, to ensure educational continuity while maintaining a link with the parents concerning their child. The second is Edujournal, this application is only for teachers. Indeed, this allows them to organize their schedule by structuring their days. Finally, Edulivret is the booklet of notes and skills online. This allows parents to have a personalized follow-up of their child as well as his notes.

Edumoov education platform education

In the current context of a health crisis, the containment of March 2020 forced schools to close their doors. Thus, Edumoov seems to have been an innovative and adapted solution to the crisis. In fact, 52,000 new teachers and 270,000 new parents signed up for the platform in 2020. With more than one million users now, the platform has had to put in place colossal ways to meet important needs from teachers and parents.

Digital transformation in education, mobilization of the New Aquitaine region

Training and education are not sectors spared from the health crisis. For the past year, all training establishments have been subject to forced closures or severe restrictions in terms of capacity to accommodate and to respect barriers. Whether it is in primary, secondary and even tertiary education, no one has escaped it. Indeed, the first containment affected all establishments under the same banner. Each student found themselves taking his classes remotely, more or less well equipped and prepared.

To ensure educational continuity and to maintain hybrid education, the New Aquitaine region has responded. In November 2020, it launched several calls for projects and expressions of interest on education technologies. In a context where adaptability and changes in teaching methods are necessary, the region is mobilizing its stakeholders. The aim is to develop digital teaching tools that are efficient, ethical and respectful of the environment and personal data. The main objectives are to strengthen the digital education and training sector in the region. In addition, it is also necessary to support education actors in the evolution of thedigital learningsystem.

Thanks to this call for projects, New Aquitaine has created Ed Lab and will incubate 9 projects selected out of 102 applications. A new selection will be held during 2021 to select other innovative projects and meet all the needs of the sector.


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