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Using a credit broker is becoming more democratic in view of the growth of the market over the last 10 years. Mainly solicited for mortgage brokerage, some brokers also have the skills to meet the needs of any type of credit, for individuals and professionals. This is particularly the case of Edouard Loubès, broker at Aura Finance in Lormont, Bordeaux and Mérignac. As a broker, he intervenes both directly for clients and via prescribers. Real estate agencies, notaries, accountants, real estate developers or wealth management advisors…

With 18 years of experience, Edouard Loubès has seen the evolution of the behavior of individuals and professionals when choosing a credit. From now on, many people value the missions of brokers. Aware in particular of their ability to obtain advantageous credit conditions and à la carte, to save precious time and to find a financing solution in complex situations.

edouard loubès courtier crédit immobilier professionnels bordeaux
Edouard Loubès, broker in real estate credit and credit to professionals in Bordeaux

Credit brokerage, growing market shares in France

In France, it was estimated that 15% of the distribution of mortgages in 2006 went through a broker. In 2016, this estimate exceeded 35%. Then, before the health crisis, so in 2019, the most optimistic studies even anticipated a ratio of 50% by 2022.

On the other hand, it is certain that 2020 was marked by the health crisis, leading in particular to the tightening of the conditions for granting bank loans. In this context, an OpinionWay survey for Vousfinancer reveals a further increase in the use of brokerage for real estate loans (1). Thus, 40% of French people would have used it, against 37% in 2019 and 29% in 2015. Moreover, the proportions are skyrocketing among 18-34 year olds who are 65% to have turned to a mortgage broker in 2020, especially via online brokers.

For good reason, in the majority of cases, asking a credit broker offers serious financial advantages. In fact, 56% of people who go through a broker to get a home loan are looking for the most advantageous interest rate. That’s two points more than in 2019. 2020, on the other hand, focuses on another reason. Now, 30% ask a broker to make sure they find a financing solution. This is 7 points more than in 2019. Others favor this solution for support in the process (26%) or for saving time (19%).

courtier en crédit et assurance emprunteurs solution financement investissements

Edouard Loubès: a credit broker, not only for real estate

On the other hand, if mortgage brokerage is democratizing, it is not yet a reflex for other financing needs. A damaging situation especially for professionals who could ensure better investments. The fault also lies with brokerage professionals who still do not diversify their activities, slowing down the trivialization of these subjects.

Edouard Loubès, broker since 2004, seeks to promote brokerage for the different financing needs encountered by individuals (real estate purchases, SCPI investment, debt restructuring), as well as professionals. By relying on his experience and his network, he is one of the brokers able to intervene on any type of credit thanks to a vast proposal of financial products.

Also, if the majority of requests still concern real estate loans and borrower insurance, it diversifies its clientele on the needs of reorganization of receivables, or loans to professionals. These concern in particular the purchase of a company, the renewal of equipment, the purchase and construction of a warehouse… Or, privately, the purchase of a house or the investment in rental real estate.

It must be understood that credit brokerage is possible for any investment. Any individual or professional can go around the banks. On the other hand, it is extremely time-consuming and the rates will not necessarily be the most interesting. For all needs, brokerage is a faster solution and gives access to a better offer. Between time and savings on rates, the gain ratio is huge.

Edouard Loubès, credit broker for individuals and professionals

In addition, and contrary to popular belief, the broker is not expensive. For good reason, on average the costs amount to 1% of the amount of the loan granted. Thus, as long as no solution is found or as long as it is not accepted by the client, soliciting a broker does not entail any costs. Enough to seriously review his way of subscribing to credits, both privately and as part of his business.

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  1. “Brokers’ market share now reaches 60%”, OpinionWay survey to finance you
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