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Ignoring the gloom

The situation is serious. No one is used to edrich. Everything reminds you… Health, of course, but also the economy, uncertainties, systemic fragilities, business closures that cannot be avoided… Certainly, there are supports, devices to implement, steps, again and again, while waiting for the wave to pass…

Many business leaders, both in their personal and professional lives, have experienced ups and downs. Resilience is a hallmark of entrepreneurship. The current waves still look more like an inevitable rise in water than an ephemeral storm.

One could say that humanity will pull itself together and embark on a great movement of solidarity, of solving problems… Let us leave to politics what is to politics, and let us not forget the lessons of history.

Lighthouse Glow Watercolor Aurora

On our scale, however, without being utopian, can we “do”? Recently, I rediscovered “Mon Oncle d’Amérique” by Alain Resnais, with Gérard Depardieu in particular. A film that seemed to me particularly adapted to the current atmosphere.

Admittedly, the issues may seem somewhat outdated in view of the evolution of the meaning of work in society… But are they really…

The only reason for being of a being is to be, that is, to maintain its structure.

Henri Laborit – Eloge de la fuite, 1976.

Without unnecessary struggle, without violence, the only survival strategy lies in action. An action that can take the form of a declaration of boldness, just like in the decision to maintain what is possible to maintain. The action can thus be immobile; “to stay” is already an act of entrepreneurial commitment in itself.

Beyond that, gently move the lines… Local initiatives, transversal business solidarity, common fund for “hard knocks” between business leaders in the same sector of activity or the same geographical sector…

What if the great lesson of confinement, to stand, was to relearn how to hold with others? Without hindering the freedom of enterprise or the healthy game of competition, let us remember, to “hold”, that business, the economy, is above all an ecosystem, whose links it is up to us to rediscover.

Leisure and Agitations

The lights shine too brightly in entrepreneurial seas. There are reassuring lights, end-of-year celebrations (as well as the glow of spring), festivities to come, which make it possible to guide the ships while reassuring their occupants. There are also lights that are only mirrors to larks. The Captain is the one who can feel these nuances.

A brief tour of the economy is a roller coaster. Full successes are in the face of unsurred disasters. The emotion, the craze of the young shoots collide with the fogs of old forts.

The wind beats the sails, the sea is agitated, the swell is stunning when the sirens sound louder and louder. Melodious song or warning of a Charybdis in Scylla now inevitable? The storm is alternately scathing, howling, and gentle. No one knows to this day whether the turmoil has come gradually. One thing is certain, the proud ships are tagging. Other boats, sometimes reeds, seem to overcome the waves.

Lightness seems to be the key word, as well as a structure designed to resist, adapt, without betraying itself.

“Panem et circenses”. Every day, the company’s shipyards start new ships, some more robust, others innovative, others still break out of traditional divisions. Well inspired one who could predict which model will overcome the storm.

What else about the role of the current upheavals? A necessary, even welcome, purge of a normal economic cycle? Or again, this time, an “otherwise”, an “other thing” of which we do not yet prefigure all the upheavals …

Printing, Electricity, Internet… Is the digital wave now, at the heart of business, a deep sociological beginning, of a world neither better nor worse, but different?

Bordeaux stands as a symbol, a beacon that crystallizes expectations while reproducing the existing divisions. Could it be that, tearing the veil, the historical stones reveal a whisper, an ability to resist the tsunami while affirming their identity…

Ecstatic excipit to come.

Start-up Mouvement City Bordeaux

“Start me up”

The choice of entrepreneurship is never a coincidence. There are noises, movements, guides, springboards… One might be tempted to pour into the same Pandora’s box the disillusionment of the salaried workforce, the difficulties in finding a first job, the delicate reconversions, with this implicit answer, almost tinged with holy grail:

“Become a Business Leader”.

The economy, the public authorities, the hopes of youth… Everything tends to this new freedom, to ignore the paths traced to trace one’s own path, to be accompanied at each stage, to become innovative, to have the idea that will change (his) life.
There is no shortage of attractions.

This somewhat disillusioned point of view will not make you smile or react too much. It must not, however, mask the individual and collective dynamics that underlie the discourses of the well-thinking. Tomorrow, all entrepreneurs?

To stick to the surface, to have easy criticism, certainly, is to forget the sleeves raised, the questioning, the hours never counted, the doubts, the emulations created, the efforts freely made, the time, the failures, the trials, the perseverance, the result. The economy is swirling, the cards are being reshuffled. The Bordeaux entrepreneur is not a marketing stunt, it is not a symbol, it is not a soufflé as soon as it is lifted as soon as it has fallen.

The start-up is now a movement that is reborn from its ashes, and replays in its own way the internet bubble of the 2000s. Except that it is no longer based solely on a technological evolution with a strong capitalistic aim (blockchain, AI, machine learning …). Indeed, what moves the entrepreneur, the new start-up, today is a slow, profound sociological change, the effects of which are not yet fully measured. The mutation is underway, sometimes a little
draft, it is structured, organized, energized.

A response to the expected flexibility, to the breaking of the boundaries between private and professional life, a reality in the face of the possibilities offered by the digital economy and digital tools.

A new business is born, one that sees the realization of potentials blossom beyond ambitions.

Spring Bordeaux vines Bordeaux

Bordeaux Spring

2018 was a pivotal year for the Bordeaux business. New territorial impulse continues, business boom off the beaten track, consolidation of the start-up ecosystem, international opening, explosion of the housing bubble…

The urban landscape is changing, with great work, the pendulum movements of the workers take place, the flow of students does not slow down, according to the new schools that are deployed throughout the city …

The city is changing, of course, this is visible, just as, already, a new balance is being put in place, a new rhythm, a “Paris Plage” in Bordeaux where it is good to live, stroll, (re)discover the quays, the stalls, the shops that are enbourge.

The Bordeaux people want the beau, the neat, the stars in the eyes, the cocoons in their home… Bordeaux has in it this quiet, Haussmannian strength that encourages serenity when everything accelerates. With both feet on the ground, it grows, stretches, not forgetting to consolidate its pillars. The reassuring stone has these same reflections as the rising sun on the Arcachon Basin: every day, always present, always different, and “which is, each time, neither quite the same. Not quite another one” …

2019 promises to be the year of renewal, of all possibilities, but also of the perpetuation of business models, beyond a digital transformation, which tests our limits as well as our ability to adapt, our faculties of resistance.

Will Bordeaux succeed in “taking its place”, or will the energies deployed have had the only impact of catching up with the other major French cities?

More than ever, it is a question of giving meaning to the business, beyond the divisions of the Parallel of the Ancients or Models, to lead the way, while consolidating the path.

Without hiding the face on the reality of the French entrepreneurial fabric: in 2019, it passes, or it breaks … In any case, we will continue to admire the bridges of the Garonne every day…

Place Porte Bordeaux Pavés

Commitment and perseverance

The arrival of sunny days is often the sign of a boost in the morale of the entrepreneur…

Another journey… Movements of the LGV, tourists, holidays… The puzzle of the summer organization must be far behind, the company is operating at a slow pace. Conversely, the influx of tourists, for the companies that are involved in the heart of this economy, is the long-awaited sign of a cash flow that is re-inflated, of an activity “in surge” that pleases the accountant.

In either case, the summer period is an opportunity for a mid-term review for this year 2018, or even closing for companies that take advantage of this period to finalize a mid-year exercise.

A moment apart, between catching your breath and breathing fresh air, a salutary “cut” for business leaders who can…, a moment that allows you to refocus on the heart of your activity, on your vision, on what motivates them on a daily basis… Capitalize on your own commitment.

The great industrial successes are far behind, the “genius ideas” rarely have their place in a global competitive environment, the liberalization of the economy struggles to promise niche markets, or closed … This is both a great opportunity, a democratization of access to entrepreneurship, and at the same time, the curse of success, where the traditional performance levers have little, if any, impact.

Giving to receive is above all today never to fail, and to believe in oneself. Admittedly, we must not be stubborn if the situation is objectively critical, however, conventional indicators have little control over the upheaval of business models. Digitalization, customer volatility, and even ferocity of some interlocutors… the current sociological and economic transformation makes coexist on the same temporal level the immediacy of exchanges, the emergencies of the moment, the economic imperatives of everyday life, with a necessary and salutary long-term vision, beyond the turmoil…
The rules have changed, but they are not yet rebuilt. To (re)build a healthy and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem, to undergo, to readapt permanently, is not really the key. On the other hand,performance is analyzed in a perseverance of every moment: you alone carry your company, and, beyond “luck”, it is your values that will guide you to success.

“Is entrepreneurship a powerful narcotic?

The renewals of business models never cease to surprise. Developing and capturing customers has become a real headache. The rules have not changed so much, they are as sprayed. For today’s Entrepreneur, for the Entrepreneur of Tomorrow, everything has to be relearned.

Adapting, rehabilitating quickly seems to be the key. However, between innovation not completed or too far ahead of its market, poorly controlled digital transformation or lack of anticipation of the difficulties of launching a new product or service, the entrepreneur is under increasing pressure, on a daily basis, with each act of management.

In response, it may be biased to retreat into safe and undplintered markets, or to consolidate its growth through purchases of direct or indirect competitors. Reviving a business strategy with prospects whose buying habits have completely changed seems very utopian, as the road is long to understand and reappropriate the vectors of decision.

However, the dynamics of Bordeaux reveal to us every day these entrepreneurs, men, women, who, beyond the desired success, undertake by conviction as much as by passion. The certainty, in the construction of the company, that each step, obstacle, allows only to improve, to better understand this new economic environment, the certainty finally that its entrepreneurial stone will change a little, in its own way, a piece of this world …

For what are these few drops of sweat or those night vigils in front of the few words of thanks of a satisfied customer, in front of the vision of a team that every day works by your side to move the company forward, in the face of the adrenaline of the signed contract!

Make no mistake. The narcotic and equally “adrenalined” effect of entrepreneurship has only one goal: to push us to go beyond our limits, to climb the stages relentlessly, to finally carry at arm’s length these companies which, more than a professional project, are a real self-realization.

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