EasyPark: Bordeaux, 48th most sustainable city in the world

Bordeaux is one of the most sustainable cities in the world, according to a recent ranking by EasyPark. Each year, several criteria are scrutinized to establish a world ranking. The question of ecology, energy transition, sustainable development and the rise of technologies arise systematically. Cities are all involved in this evolution, for years for some… And more recently for others. The issue of the sustainable city is a topical issue.

In addition, Easy Park also attaches importance to the issue of energy transition. Indeed, on December 1, 2021, the group presented the results of a study to understand attitudes and behaviors on mobility and parking. His study reveals a growing interest in electric cars. In fact, more than half of respondents are thinking of buying an electric vehicle. On the other hand, for those who already own electric vehicles, it is worth revealing some issues. According to the latter, there are still too few charging stations. In addition, the charging of the car is often too long. This issue is a condition for the proper development of electric vehicles. For Easy Park, interest in electric cars is positive in the mobility market. In this sense, it is committed to offering the necessary solutions to make charging vehicles as simple as possible. Easy park allows you to manage the parking and loading of cars.

A sustainable ranking based on key criteria

EasyPark established its ranking by comparing all the data on more than 3200 cities; only cities where the company is located. This study makes it possible to show which cities make the best use of technologies to serve the well-being of their inhabitants. The objective of any city is to be attractive to welcome new inhabitants, develop demography … And so to develop over time.

For this, there are many ways to operate. Rehabilitate neighborhoods that are too old, to build or improve buildings in terms of energy expenditure. Increase the supply of commercial and residential real estate, while ensuring that means of transport develop in parallel. This makes it possible to cover the entire territory, and thus to promote mobility by public transport… Or even soft mobility with more bike paths, or pedestrian streets.

These are evolutions that Bordeaux has been able to take into account, as it evolves. It has been able to adapt and become a popular metropolis, both for its living environment and for the professional opportunities it brings. Being part of a sustainable universe to drive a transition becomes essential.

Singapore sustainable garden city
Singapore is one of the cities whose model inspires around the world.

Criteria that propel Bordeaux into the top 50 in the world

EasyPark has thus made a ranking based on four main criteria that make it possible to see the degree of sustainability of a city. The first area concerns the evolution of digital behaviour of city dwellers. What is the proportion of major educational infrastructures in this area; the presence of e-health services, widely used during the pandemic… But also the degree of technological development of the city in relation to its development.

The second area concerns innovation on the issue of mobility. Is the city innovative in terms of parking on its streets, to promote travel? Traffic management to avoid congestion is also one of the criteria observed. But also the ecological nature of transport, in particular the energy with which it operates.

Information infrastructure also counts in the ranking. Innovation within companies, the generalization of electronic payments on a daily basis… Or the right deployment of the internet connection counts. Finally, the issue of the ecological footprint plays an important role. Ensure the climate actions put in place, the proper management of waste, or everything related to buildings and green energies…

Cities are classified into three categories. Cities with more than 3 million inhabitants, those with between 600,000 and 3 million inhabitants, and finally those with between 50,000 and 600,000 inhabitants.

The top 3 largest cities are occupied by London, New York, and San Francisco. The first French city is Paris, and occupies the 13th place in the ranking. In the intermediate cities, Copenhagen occupies the 1st place in the ranking, followed by Stockholm and Oslo. The first French city in the ranking is Montpellier in 42nd place. Bordeaux, meanwhile, is in 48th place.

Scandinavian cities occupy the podium for smaller cities. First place is for Lund, located in Sweden, then Stavanger, Norway. Third place goes to Espoo, Finland. In this last ranking, the first French city is Angers, in 31st place.


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