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DynamicScreen works for Veolia’s dynamic communication

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The Bordeaux company DynamicScreen works for the dynamic communication of the Veolia group. Dynamic Screen specializes in the distribution of dynamic content on screens. On March 3, 2021, it proudly announces the signing of a contract with the VeoliaGroup. The dynamicScreen solution is simple. It will enable the Veolia Group to set up its communication with its employees around the world. Thus, the group can manage its communication on all its screens around the world with just a few clicks. A clear and effective offer. It allows you to broadcast videos, texts, news, youtube channels or even the weather as part of an internal communication.

Dynamic signage, to optimize the communication of its establishment

There’s a famous adage that says “a picture is worth a thousand words.” With DynamicScreen this idea seems to come to life. The Bordeaux-based company offers its customers the opportunity to benefit from dynamic signage for their communication strategies. So thanks to a web application, the solution allows its users to manage the display of its screens all over the world and at the same time. This allows them to choose the content and information they want to disseminate in their different locations.

In other words, the solution optimizes the implementation of internal communication through dynamic display. It must be said that this type of display has interesting advantages. This modern means of communication incorporates visual animations that make information more captivating and impactful. According to a Nielsen study conducted in grocery stores 4 out of 5 say they have seen an increase in sales as a result of the use of dynamic signage;

In particular, the solution applies very well for internal communication of companies. This is why the Veolia group chose the latter. The solution therefore allows us to offer real-time and simultaneously useful information to all Veolia employees. In this sense, DynamicScreen’s core mission is to help businesses communicate better. The topics covered on the screens can be varied and varied. For example, in a company, the topics can be safety or well-being at work.

DynamicScreen’s dynamic display solution is also versatile. Indeed, it adapts to several types of structures and multiple cases of use. In this way, companies can digitize the living spaces of their structure. In this case, the solution will save time and optimize internal communication. It will also allow to share the company’s objectives, communicate directly with the teams but also convey the values while valuing the brand image. The solution also meets the needs of sales spaces, production spaces, the event sector or education. Innovative and easy to install, it adapts according to the objectives of each structure.

DynamicScreen store screen
DynamicScreen’s dynamic display solutions adapt

DynamicScreen, a Bordeaux success story

The history of DynamicScreen officially begins in 2018. However, beforehand, it took a large period of 3 years devoted to the research and development of the first version of the platform. With the desire to support professionals in the digitalization of their spaces especially with 100% web solutions, the Bordeaux company is surely developing. The year of its launch is decisive. She is exhibiting at Viva Technnology, the annual event for technological innovation and start-ups.

Following, the machine is launched and DynamicScreen’s ambitions develop and materialize. Indeed, in 2019, the company signs a partnership with Samsung. This partnership aims to make the 100% connected dynamic display solution available directly on Samsung screens. At the same time, the company also became a partner of Google. Thus, the company becomes a reseller of G Suite. The goal is to integrate Google’s software suite into its solution. This integration makes it easier to create content and deploy the solution.

Today, DynamicScreen is aiming loud and clear. It intends to deploy its offer on thousands of screens in some 50 countries around the world. This desire is motivated in particular by the commitment of reputable customers. Indeed, the signing of the contract with the Veolia Group represents an important stage of development. The Veolia Group is indeed a global reference for resource management. In particular, it has a turnover of 27.189 billion euros. Across the globe, the group deploys solutions for water, waste and energy management. Beyond the Veolia group, the Bordeaux start-up has many customers. They range from start-ups to large groups. On the side of large groups, references like Mauboussin or Spendesk attract attention.

Thus, the Bordeaux start-up is now playing in the big leagues. Thanks to its solution, it propels dynamic communication in companies’ communication strategies. Screens come alive to inform employees in a world that is digitalized on every level. Dynamic communication is thus a more modern means of communication that is just waiting to settle permanently at the heart of the structures.


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