Bread at your fingertips: P’tite Bakery

La P’tite Boulangerie sublimates bread made in France.France is the country par excellence of the baguette, which the French love. Every second, 320 baguettes are sold or consumed in the country, 70% of the bread sales being made in a bakery. However, prices are increasing, and bread is no longer always artisanal (preparations, frozen products). The first P’tite Boulangerie has come to shake up these habits, offering products resolutely prepared on site by bakers. Located in Cap Ferret, since 2016, the concept is simple: offer customers an organic bread, prepared with local products, on site, in front of customers throughout the day, and at the right price.

A love of bread transmitted by the P’tite Boulangerie

Organic bread is often seen as an expensive product, a product that few people consume. Reversing the trend and making it accessible to all is the very heart of the P’tite Bakery business, and success is immediate. Baguettes, breads, pastries but also pastries and Ficellapero are sold like hotcakes. Quickly, open other establishments becomes a necessity. No franchises, just associates, bakers passionate about their craft who want to offer good bread throughout the day, made with organic and local products. No need for bakers who wish to open their P’tite Boulangerie to invest exorbitant funds, whether in a local or in the equipment: the parent company takes care of everything, to leave the baker all the energy to express his passion through his bread, or pastries.

Thus, the P’tite Boulangerie du Cap Ferret is joined by two other enseignes, located in Bordeaux: the P’tite Boulangerie de Notre-Dame, directed by the artisan baker Guillaume Couronne and the P’tite Boulangerie des Halles de Bacalan, directed by Maud Moinard, also an artisan baker, the first to be inaugurated in a hall, at the beginning of November.

A unique concept of P’tite Boulangerie

The specialty of these bakeries? Optimize space to increase production quality, and proximity. The shops in their entirety do not exceed 36m2 (excluding storage space, also restricted). Thus, customers can see the bakers kneading the bread and baking it in front of them... Iuse in the evening, but also offer them local recipes.

Pascal Rigo, Florence Méro and Arnaud Chevalier, the company’s directors, intend to develop their concept on a national scale, so that the installation and launch of artisan bakers is easy, and that they are able to make good fresh and organic bread. A way to combat industrial preparations that are too present on stalls and in some bakeries.


Address La P’tite Boulangerie du Ferret : 34 avenue des Monuments Saliens – 33970 Lège, Aquitaine, France – 05 56 60 56 54

La P’tite Boulangerie Notre Dame: 62 rue Notre-Dame – 33000 Bordeaux – 05 57 99 65 76

La P’tite Boulangerie de Bacalan: 10 esplanade de Pensac – 33300 Bordeaux – 05 56 39 77 07



La P’tite Boulangerie du Ferret

Space La P’tite Bakery Notre Dame

The P’tite Bakery in Bacalan

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