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Living in and working in a big city, the point of having a vehicle is not great. Public transit travel is a habit, which is good for everyone. As the city of Bordeaux is particularly well served, a large number of people abandon their vehicles or do not own one. Failing to find parking or to have a much more practical alternative solution. But as soon as you want to leave your city to go on vacation or visit your family, getting around quickly becomes expensive and less convenient. Indeed, the train and the plane are solutions, but the travel time is not always guaranteed. What solutions can be used to meet the various expectations and objections?

In the face of the health crisis, DriiveMe is getting by

The COVID-19 health crisis is impacting a large number of sectors of the economy. Thus, the year 2020, punctuated by lockdowns and restrictions, has had sometimes dramatic consequences for certain sectors. We are thinking in particular of the hotel and restaurant sector, which is bearing the brunt of lockdowns.

Nevertheless, some sectors are doing quite well. Thus, the company DriiveMe was able to take advantage of the crisis. Indeed, social distancing being promoted by the Government, as well as the importance of disinfecting surfaces have been taken seriously by the company. Users were thus reassured to have their own rental car to make their trips, especially during the summer. The company also allows users to book at the last minute. This was very popular, given the uncertainty of the crisis and therefore the complexity to be expected in advance.

A win-win solution

The company DriiveMe, founded in 2012 by Alexandre and Geoffroy Lambert, made an edifying observation. The majority of people who need a vehicle (moving, business trip…) turn to car rental professionals. They have the opportunity to deposit the vehicle at the agency of their choice. A particularly accommodating solution for customers, who do not need to bring it back to where they took it. Nevertheless, it is not necessarily practical for professionals. Indeed, this concept implies that if the place of drop-off is particularly busy such as train stations and airports. Conversely, agencies in less crowded cities are emptying themselves of their stocks and must constantly check that they can still rent them. To do this, all agencies in the country communicate with each other in order, if necessary, to regulate the stocks of available vehicles. An expensive solution that is problematic. It is with this problem that DriiveMe was born, finding an effective and sustainable solution. Thus, it offers vehicles to individuals to go from point A to point B over a period of 24 hours, for a symbolic euro.

DriiveMe Bordeaux Business Car Rental

A rental at such a competitive price immediately seduced customers. This automatically regulates vehicle stocks throughout the country. Thus, no need to pay a significant amount to rent a car on the outward (or return) journey. Only gas and toll costs are the responsibility of the customer. The company has grown rapidly. It offers routes across the country from major French cities, including Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Bordeaux. Indeed, more than 300 vehicles were available in December, with more than 150 vehicles in Mérignac. In addition, in January 2019, the company DriiveMe really launched its international influence by acquiring the Spanish company 1Rent. It has thus expanded in Spain, where its adventure began, in Germany in four of its largest cities, and intends to continue its development.

Being transported in Bordeaux, a major challenge

Driving around Bordeaux when you are a motorist on a daily basis is not easy. Indeed, between the endless neighborhood tours to find parking and traffic jams at rush hour on major roads, you have to be patient. Finally, self-service electric vehicle rentals, VCub bike rentals or public transport have become advantageous alternatives. Indeed, less and less Bordelais are conveyed. The Urban Community of Bordeaux has embarked on major works in recent years to facilitate travel. This is thanks to the lengthening of tram lines or the construction of bridges making journeys faster. Making Bordeaux and its agglomerations accessible is the city’s ambition. The construction of line D of the tramway, which began in January 2016, will cover the municipalities of Bordeaux, Le Bouscat, Bruges and Eysines. These destinations are currently accessible by bus only by the end of 2019.

The DriiveMe solution, now present in Bordeaux and its region, does not only cover the needs of car rental agencies strategically located near Gare Saint-Jean or Mérignac Airport. It also covers the needs of individuals. They themselves cannot have their vehicle repatriated by a professional, for financial reasons or delays. In addition, it is possible to be truly competitive in terms of fares to offer carpooling. In short, an effective, win-win solution, avoiding paying hundreds of euros on a train or plane ticket!

Car park rental Bordeaux Business

Restoring the importance of car journeys is an important point in the strategy of companies dedicated to transport. BlaBlaCar, with its shared journeys, reduces everyone’s costs and allows social interaction. DriiveMe, meanwhile, makes car rental accessible without constraints… Solutions that have the wind in their sails, in the face of the increasing prices of rail and air competitors or the lack of practicality as to the accessibility of the place of destination.


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