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By Clovis Coqu. Once your roadmap and your objectives have been established precisely, comes the time for prospecting. In the era of Digital, we could be tempted to rely solely on this means of prospecting. However, at the beginning of the activity, you are not necessarily at the head of a large brand with national means. Which would allow you to start a global approach of marketing automation and customer acquisition on a large scale.

Although these aspects should not be overlooked, the effects will only occur in the medium to long term. At this interval, it is imperative to multiply the acquisition channels.

Diversifying the means of prospecting


Every day we are inundated with emails, information, customer relations, or commercial purposes. However, it is a low-cost means of communication, which makes it possible to develop the notoriety of a company. He maintains the customer relationship without direct solicitation. Remember their good memories, while sharing with them the news of your company, promotional offers …

Prospecting direct customer business

In order to carry out effective mailings, however, the massive and unqualified sending of emails is irrelevant. Indeed, good mailing will only have repercussions if it is targeted, qualified and attractive. Thus, it is imperative to take care of the content of emailing. Hasvec images, sliens, call-to-action, to seduce above all by its sobriety, its simplicity, its design … In addition, recipients must be carefully selected and qualified. Whether they come from your own database, or from an external database, even if the latter option may contract with the new obligations related to the GDPR.

Another possibility, start your mailing by associating your brand with a brand. And so to an existing database, within third-party newsletters for example, in order to consolidate your notoriety. However, this last option will not directly revive receptive prospectsCe which is the greatest interest in emailing.

For differentiating communication, why not contact your prospects by post? A slightly more expensive way to initiate contact, certainly, but more original now.

Social selling

To date, commercial exploration is undoubtedly through acquisition channels linked to social networks. Linkedin, Facebook, Viadéo… There is no shortage of social networks to communicate, again, with ease and at a lower cost, with your target. In recent years, all professionals have “discovered” and integrated social media into its prospecting channels.

A means of direct marketing, towards potentially well-qualified targets, especially on professional social networks such as LinkedIn. Indeed the majority of users value their profile with accurate contact information and a lot of accurate and complete information about their professional occupations. To contact directly the prospects not in your contacts, or as long as a commercial use is made of LinkedIn, I advise you to subscribe to subscriptions dedicated to the commercial force.

However, in terms of results, social selling today suffers not from a loss of speed but from a decrease in visible results, for equal work. Indeed, good news spreading very quickly, the majority of social networks are already saturated… It will be necessary to use originality and relevance in your messages in order to solicit the attention of your prospect. This is so that he notices you in the middle of the flood of daily messages and many notifications received…

The art of telephone canvassing

Long misguided, telephone prospecting and often perceived as intrusive, embarrassing and inconclusive. As a result, it is often neglected, wrongly… Of course, in B to C, we cannot advise you to open a “directory” at random and make untimely phone calls. In particular, with regard to Law No. 2014-344 of 17 March 2014 on consumption, and the famous “Bloctel”... To date, only companies specialized in compliance with the requirements of this law, which are committed to checking the lists of opposition to telephone prospecting of consumers will be able to continue to carry out an effective B to C telephone prospecting and “in the rules”. To find out more, do not hesitate to consult the CNIL website dedicated to commercial telephone prospecting.

In B to B, if a first commercial contact has already been initiated and accepted, telephone prospecting can be a real commercial asset, as long as you make your interlocutor feel that he is not the umpteenth on the list, with an automated speech, but that if you take the trouble to give him time, orally , (and vice versa), is that you intend to start a commercial relationship of proximity as well as quality. The prospect must be approached from the perspective of professional partnership more than solicitation.

A well-prepared business speech

To this end, it is necessary to prepare your commercial speech, and above all, to know the products and services offered by your company: position yourself more as an expert than a teleprospector… To take care of your speech, you have to put it flat: define in a few words what your company is, its core business, know what are the competitive advantages that distinguish you, in short what interest the prospect would have to work with you or to receive you, that is to say to you give time ?

Effective telephone canvassing is not a “remote sale” but a product or service proposal with added value, which your interlocutor must be convinced of.

To be effective, it will also be necessary to be methodical. Define in advance the specific objectives of your telephone prospecting (making appointments, presentation of offers, collection of information …). Assign regular dedicated ranges, qualify your database to call only relevant prospects. Ensure a written follow-up and precise reminders of the actions carried out, take care of his speech, his speech, his smile … When it comes to telephone prospecting, pugnacity will be your best ally.

Occupying the commercial land

Conquering your customers, beyond the brand and your communication actions, is also representing you. In order to occupy the commercial field, in addition to digital actions and telephone prospecting, you can use all the techniques of “physical” visibility.

It is also a solution particularly used in many sectors of activity. It complements other commercial actions, such as word of mouth. The management of its digital image allows on the one hand to have a neat reputation when a potential customer wants to inquire. But nothing beats traditional commercial prospecting. An action that consists of moving and going to meet its prospects. An opportunity to be seen, more effective and appreciated than interposed email exchanges and phone calls. One sector that speaks for this type of prospecting: the building.

The field at the heart of multichannel prospecting

Thanks to a physical and digital presence, finding construction sites through this method pays off. Multi-channel exploration thus allows to cover a wider area than a single method of prospecting. For a company wanting to conquer a new clientele, making an impression takes time, and requires a particular organization. But by using the right methods with the right targets, the result will be indisputable. So we need to think global, rather than just focusing on details, and on a single action. Of course, repeated over time, they will have more impact than a single punch action.

Street marketing and flyers, a “traditional” recipe that always works

Not to effortlessly conquer your clientele, but to diversify your approach. HasLler to meet your prospects and get a concrete and immediate feedback from the field. The creation of flyers is a low-cost communication tool that allows you to communicate your business discourse massively. Many online tools make it possible to make them cheaply using models already pre-calibrated. If you want to be original or your company requires a differentiating communication, it will be necessary to ask the “print” provider of your choice. Indeed, the creation “on the fly” of your communication media may generate a result far from the technical constraints of the support.

For distribution, several solutions . Distribution in mailboxes with previously identified prospects, distribution via specialized companies, or street marketing. This is a physical street distribution, rather suitable for store openings, restaurant selections or information about holding an event.

The strategy of the presenter: trade shows, events, workshops…

In order to meet your potential customers in the absence of a prior appointment, a first contact can be easily established by carefully choosing the salons and events relevant to your activity. Without multiplying the events without limit, it is important to make yourself available for opportunities to meet. Enough to solicit interest directly by introducing you to your prospects on their stand, or at a business meeting. Be interested in your prospect in the first place and solicit his interest with relevant comments on his activity, this should make him more attentive to your value proposition. However, on this type of event, you will not necessarily have to deal live with the person most likely to be receptive to your offer. Even so, take advantage of these exchanges to identify the right person within the company and return to him in a second time.

Visiting prospects, with, or without an appointment

Appointments are made in advance. Ce which allows you to make sure that you have identified the right interlocutor and that he can give you time. In direct field prospecting, you will not be able to guarantee this availability. CHowever, this makes it possible to establish a first contact and gather relevant information, such as future projects. It is necessary to prepare yourself well, to establish precisely your tour by having preselected the companies that interest you. You must also have a clear and effective argument, as well as quality presentation materials (business cards, brochures, even goodies …) to leave a good impression to your interlocutors.

Passive prospecting and automation

Qualifying your contacts

In addition to these tools and techniques, good branding, sales, as well as your customers’ recommendations can generate an interesting passive prospecting stream, i.e. incoming leads. In the first intention, once the contact is established, the appointment made, etc., it is necessary to qualify his contacts and in particular the way they knew you. For example on a trade show, on your website, via professional networks or company clubs… . This will give you valuable information on the return on investment committed during your prospecting actions.. While allowing you to go back to the source by thanking the person who made the recommendation if necessary.

Follow your prospects

To generate and drive these passive leads, you must set up a precise and qualified daily monitoring of your database. This is happening most often thanks to a customer relationship management software (CRM in English). Although annoying, this task is essential to transforming your prospects into customers. Certainly, an Excel or Google Sheet spreadsheet can do the trick for your manual raises and tracking your actions. However, not setting up an effective CRM deprives you of the interest of follow-up. Take care of your actions thanks to the automation of certain tasks, such as automatic reminders for example, and beyond, in a process of global digital transformation ... CRM is the pillar of the implementation of a cross-channel automation strategy. It will allow you to follow and support your prospect when he is ready to use your services or buy your products.

In the digital age, the human relationship and the “manual” actions of the salesperson, with added value, are essential to the start-up of your client portfolio. Taking the time to think about the overall strategy, the means to implement, and the tools and methods to be put in place is essential. Indeed, a few years ago, the initial development of your customer portfolio tended, with loyalty and renewal, to ensure you over the years a comfortable growth. Customer development is now the daily life of the business leader, faced with a volatile clientele and increasingly difficult to retain…

Clovis COQU

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