Digital transformation, stimulating innovation in the industrial sector

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Digital transformation within companies is no longer in its infancy. In some sectors, such as industry, many groups are embarking on the deployment of these solutions. A way to meet new expectations, new needs in a market that is advancing every day. On the international scene, digital is gaining importance, in sectors such as the dairy industry, with the Yili Group. This Chinese company has made the bet to couple digital tools and traditional processes of manufacturing dairy products.

Supporting production through digital transformation

Yili is one of those companies in the global industry that has made the bet to turn to digital transformation for its operation. This Chinese company saw the results of its efforts during an international competition. The World Dairy Innovation Award brings together more than 25 different countries each year, to award prizes in more than twenty categories. This year, 222 applications, including that of Yili. And the Chinese brand has achieved a real tour de force, winning three awards: “Best dairy drink”, “Best functional dairy”, “Best packaging design”.

These rewards are a sign for the company that it has managed to adapt its operation with digital transformation. The industry is growing, and is asking companies for more and more results. This makes it possible to better meet the expectations and needs of consumers, taking into account current constraints. In particular, respect for the environment, health and the use of greener energy sources.

With the arrival and deployment throughout the world of the so-called “4.0” industry, the digital transformation and integration of virtual solutions transposed into the real world imply fundamental changes. We need to stimulate innovation through digital technology, in particular to remain competitive and competitive in a market that is constantly changing. In the agri-food and dairy industry, this phenomenon is particularly felt. Consumers are more sensitive than ever to the products they consume. In particular, the impact on health is an essential point for the development of adapted products.

By finding the ideal formula, with automated tools and manufacturing processes, it is then easier to produce quickly, and quickly. Efficiency makes it possible to dominate the market, with an identical recipe. But digital has other assets for the industry, especially from the point of view of consumers.

Industry factory machinery
The industry mixes digital machines and tools to increase its efficiency.

Monitoring tools for consumer satisfaction

Digital transformation within the industry is strengthening the production rate of companies. But this is not its only interest. In order to produce many products quickly, these products must already be in line with the needs of consumers. Also, in the agri-foodindustry, health and nutrition are among the main concerns of consumers.

Consumer feedback is essential to accurately define the improvements to be made to products… As well as the new ranges to be developed. These products, intended for large-scale distribution, must best meet the expectations of customers.

Creating products that are more adapted to the challenges allows a company to be more sustainable. And Yili’s digital transformation helps her analyze her customers’ needs in real time. In its Chinese market, the brand found in particular that consumers had largely nutritional deficiencies, particularly in lactose or protein. These different findings have allowed it to create products that counterbalance and bring better health to consumers.

Digital tools always allow you to be one step ahead of the market. For Yili, this digital transformation at the heart of her industry allows her to do several essential things. First of all, better manage the life cycle of the products offered. Have the opinion of its consumers to refine its offer as close as possible to the needs. But also better ensure the conformity of products.

Also, especially for dairy products, the issue concerns the shelf life and shelf life of the product. Yili, thanks to the integration of digital technology into its processes, has found the solution to extend the shelf life of yoghurts. But also a prioritization of components good for health, to promote eating well, on a daily basis.


Driving innovation through digital transformation: Yili introduces its ‘dual centers’ and ‘dual integration’ strategy. Yili press release issued on June 25, 2021

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