Digital, a quality not always controlled?

Digital is part of the life of French companies… And even more so since the beginning of the pandemic. Indeed, this transformation has experienced a significant acceleration during the lockdowns, in order to continue an activity. In the sphere of sales, in particular, the need to turn to e-commerce is becoming more and more important. In this situation, companies join marketplaces to offer their products for sale quickly… Others, who have a higher sales volume, choose to turn to the creation of their own online sales site.

Essential notions for the control of Digital

By embarking on digital, especially in the creation of a website, companies outsource its realization or take care of it themselves. In order to create a website that is functional quickly, companies sometimes forget, or even often an essential aspect… Theuser experience. In the digital sphere, this makes it possible to control that the site is well thought out.

However, this crucial step is often missing before the website is put online. Indeed, 38% of companies that create websites or applications do not do any tests to evaluate the user experience in digital. However, this step makes it possible to verify that the entire route is clear, optimized for visitors. This allows them to check that the path is clear, in order to promote conversions.

Indeed, the risk of a website that is not designed entirely for the user experience is to cause cart abandonment… And so not to fulfill its objectives. Digital is taking on a significant importance in purchasing behavior,but the lack of tests alters the reaction of customers. Elements that have meaning and importance to relaunch, and take the digital turn completely.

Enterprise Digital UX Interface
The work of the UX takes time to be well done.

Economic reasons that block improvements

Why are so many companies not evaluating the user experience of their website? The period of pandemic,which has stimulated the creation of online sales sites, and put digital on the front of the stage has something to do with it. Indeed, this is a difficult time from an economic point of view. Less activity, and the need to bounce back quickly, prevents you from taking the time to position yourself. All savings are good to take, especially for companies that rely only on sales.

These companies are therefore ignoring the digital user experience. Only 8% of companies evaluate their platforms several times a year to improve it and promote the quality of navigation.

This lack of budget concerns 72% of companies. But companies that are embarking on digital also face another problem: the lack of testers. Testers are people who connect to the site and have to perform many actions on the site. The objective is to evaluate the ease of access, the speed of loading… So many criteria to which end customers are very sensitive…


For their sites or applications, 38% of companies never do user tests! Ferpection study published on October 25, 2021

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