Delizia da Bartolo, Amalfi gastronomy offers a beautiful Bordeaux address

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Delizia da Bartolo is the new Bordeaux restaurant with Neapolitan specialties by chef Bartolo Russo. Already known in Bordeaux for 3 other addresses, Bartolo surprises again with his new restaurant rue du Palais Gallien where he blooms good Italy. Originally from the Amalfi Coast, in the region of Naples, the chef wanted with this new masterpiece to honor the traditional Neapolitan cuisine. But not only! Everything at Delizia comes from the South of Italy and that’s what makes all the difference.

Photography: Glwadys Le Moulnier

Delizia da Bartolo, the realization of a dream despite the health crisis

Bartolo Russo celebrated the inauguration of his new jewel on March 1st. An evening during which he did not skimp on the famous Italian generosity and released nearly 800 pizzas. It must be said that there was a lot to celebrate! For good reason, Delizia da Bartolo was originally scheduled to open in 2020. Covid and confinement oblige, the opening has been postponed month after month until March 2022. 16 months to open this restaurant that Bartolo has been imagining since his arrival in Bordeaux in 2015.

More than the health crisis, other small details still justify significant delays. Indeed, anxious to give birth to a restaurant as “at home”, Bartolo had everything manufactured and imported from Italy. It took Vietri’s ceramics 14 months to hand design each of the tables, plates, dishes, tiles and mosaics that adorn the restaurant. Typical of the Amalfi Coast, the tables are made of volcanic stone from Vesuvius. They were hand-painted by the craftsmen of Vietri, of various motifs of the Mediterranean and are unique pieces. At Delizia, the dishes are served to us on real works of art. Even the wood-burning oven received special treatment. In the shape of Vesuvius, it was custom built for the place and required 8 months of work.

The entire restaurant welcomes us in Mediterranean vitamin colors. To perfect the atmosphere, Bartolo even gives us the pleasure of a real lemon tree and a trompe-l’oeil in the Capri Room for a lunch overlooking the azure blue sea.

Photography: Glwadys Le Moulnier

A duo of passionate chefs to share Amalfi flavors

For its fourth Bordeaux address, Bartolo signs with Delizia its first gourmet Italian restaurant. Neapolitan specialties, the majority of dishes value seafood. Seafood, fried fish, lobster, octopus… In the kitchen, Bartolo also relies on local and organic suppliers for vegetables. Enough to also offer a wide choice of vegetarian dishes to satisfy all palates.

For tomatoes on the other hand, there is no question of using French tomatoes. Who says Amalfi cuisine, says tomatoes Piennolo del Vesuvio. A variety that grows all year round on the warm soil of Vesuvius and offers a constant flavor in all seasons.

For the opening of his restaurant, Bartolo called on his long-time friend and chef emeritus Rino De Feo. Instagram star and author, Rino is the chef of Delizia da Bartolo for the first 6 months. He will train the teams and help Bartolo launch the restaurant.

For good reason, the two friends have known each other for a long time. They met at the hotel school in Naples, Sorrento. After their studies, their path separated when Bartolo began his career in Europe where Rino set out to conquer Asia. Back in France during the health crisis, Rino joined the Delizia adventure. However, the Neapolitan hotel school is never far away. Thus, Bartolo has been teaching there for years and recruits his best elements. Moreover, at Delizia, 80% of the team is Italian. For the rest, Bartolo has chosen French apprentices to share his know-how.

Photography: Glwadys Le Moulnier

Delizia da Bartolo, the 4th Bordeaux establishment but not the last…

In recent years, a large number of Italian restaurants have flourished in Bordeaux. So much so that today, there is little room for new competition. Nevertheless, Bartolo Russo assures us, the new competition has not impacted his establishments. For good reason, already known and recognized in Bordeaux, the chef enjoys a legitimacy that ensures his restaurants an immediate success.

Arriving in Bordeaux in 2015, Bartolo initially worked in an Italian restaurant. A position he simply occupies the time to set up the Osteria da Bartolo, opened in 2017 in the Saint Augustin district in Bordeaux. Two years later, in 2019, he opened the Trattoria da Bartolo, still in Saint Augustine. Which offers takeaway dishes such as pizzas and pastas, but especially a delicatessen with cold cuts and cheese by the cut. Between two lockdowns in the summer of 2021, the projects do not stop and Bartolo opens La Bella Napoli. This is yet another concept since the address is a Neapolitan street food. Pizza, focaccia, bruschetta… The Italian and gourmet version of a meal on the go.

Then, finally, in March 2022, Bartolo Russo inaugurates Delizia da Bartolo, his dream since the beginning. With this restaurant with a high-end positioning, Bartolo is addressing a different clientele than the Osteria de Bartolo. Here, there is no race against time to chain services and meet the high demand. He wants to be able to offer his guests a more qualitative cuisine. At Delizia, we take the time to eat, during a single service.

Photography: Glwadys Le Moulnier

Bordeaux, city of life and projects

Initially settled in Paris when he arrived in France, Bartolo does not regret his installation in Bordeaux. If Parisian life is exciting, it imposes no less a frantic pace that it is pleasant to be able to calm down by opting for Bordeaux. The city was not chosen at random since his wife is from Bordeaux and intended to bring him there too. It must be said that the regional capital offers an ideal living environment for a family.

With Delizia da Bartolo now open, Bartolo, unstoppable, moves on to the next project. He announces a new restaurant and bar, which he wants in a cozy and upscale spirit. It plans to serve grilled meat and fish, as well as aperitifs in a space of 800 m². Where? Bartolo returns to his first love in Bordeaux and bets again on the Saint Augustin district. He will therefore take possession of the premises of an old charcuterie and plans to open in September 2022.

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