Marguerite, the restaurant that sublimates French meats in Talence

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Marguerite is one of the recognized establishments of the Domaine de Raba, in Talence. The prestigious place offers several services such as different restaurants and bars, rooms, a wellness area and a cinema. A top-of-the-range service to satisfy customers looking for peace of mind… But also to organize special personal and professional events in a privileged setting. The Marguerite restaurant, located on the first floor of the Pavilion, promises a unique experience, based on French and fresh products. An invitation to a taste trip, orchestrated by Chef Olivier PEYRONNET (1).

Chef Olivier PEYRONNET at Restaurant Marguerite

Marguerite, a restaurant that sublimates the local terroir

Betting on fresh quality products, and from local productions, the challenge of the restaurant Marguerite. This address, based in the heart of the Domaine de Raba, in Talence, promotes quality. The Chef, Olivier PEYRONNET, relies in particular on French meats, recognized for their quality. The Bordeaux region is known for its quality tables, promising a unique experience.

The restaurant offers meats such as beef steak, veal t-bone, prime rib from a regional farm, or a rib of beef salers (2). Quality products, for a deliberately reduced menu, which focuses on the quality of the products. Some tables in Bordeaux are specialized in meats, betting on recognized products, such as matured meats. Every month, the menu evolves with new meats, new quality products.

The setting is also ideal for such a concept. in a period decoration, which echoes the name of the restaurant. Marguerite is part of a universe worked with Napoleonic and Baroque atmospheres. A leap into the past, to enjoy a timeless cuisine. The restaurant is positioned on quality products, from starter to dessert, through wines and service. An experience to live, to savor with the help of all your senses.

Restaurant Marguerite at Domaine de Raba

Gastronomy, fostering experience and values

Gastronomy occupies a privileged place in the hearts of consumers. Eating fresh produce, cooked on site, is of paramount importance. The Marguerite restaurant, like many famous restaurants in Bordeaux, relies on the freshness and experience of its Chef to sublimate the dishes offered à la carte. Many local Chefs fight in particular to promote local cuisine, healthy, and worked… Far from establishments that rely on products from far away, out of season, or assembly cuisine.

With the pandemic, consumers are becoming all the more sensitive to the food they consume. Provenance plays an important role in their choice, as does the quality of the cuisine. A deliberately reduced menu, as in the Restaurant Marguerite (3 starters, 4 meats, 2 courses, 3 desserts) allows the choice to the customer … With the promise of eating quality products, from local farms. A reassuring factor, which makes it possible to turn to safe values. Bordeaux gastronomy still seems to be promised good years, and a certain evolution. This is evidenced by the reputation of some restaurants, such as Maison Nouvelle du Chef ETCHEBEST, which, in just three months, won its first star in the Michelin Guide…


(1) Presentation of restaurant Marguerite. Press release of April 29, 2022

(2) Spring 2022 Menu – Restaurant Marguerite

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