Customer experience, an important criterion for companies

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The customer experience has become one of the priorities of companies. It is now a major strategic axis that is integrated into most of the strategic plans of large groups. Indeed, we could see the strategies of Carrefour or the Post Office resolutely turned towards the customer. La Poste has announced its 2030 “Committed to You” plan. So to succeed in positioning yourself in this environment where the customer experience is paramount, it is interesting to measure and compare. By measuring this customer experience it is then possible to understand what are the levers to create more value for the company. In this context, strategy consulting firm PMP and Solution Provider Skeepers have unveiled the first Customer Journey Observatory.

The customer journey observatory to understand the quality of lived experience.

Thus, the observatory set up by PMP and Skeepers aims to objectively measure the quality of experience experienced by customers. The latter are interrogated with a specific and identical method. The observatory focuses on several sectors of activity. It explores 8 of them including insurance, banking, energy, telecom and specialized distributors and e-merchants, food distributors, mobility and luxury. The observatory has a ninth sector. This is the public sector that integrates the evaluation of 6 key players such as hospitals, the national gendarmerie, employment center, caf, health insurance and taxes.

In order to measure the customer experience, the main indicator of the observatory and the Net Promoter Score. It’s about studying and highlighting the brands that customers recommend the most. This should make it possible to develop the ability of brands to control their image. Thus they can create a positive image to attract new customers. This indicator can vary from -100 to +100. The Luxury sector has a satisfactory Net Promoter Score. The Hermès brand represents this well with a performance of 77. It must be said that the luxury sector is synonymous with a unique customer experience. In other sectors companies stand out. For example, on the insurance side, MAIF has a score of 53. Another example in the banks is the CIC that occupies the first. It is ahead of Boursorama, crédit mutuel or Crédit Agricole.

Experience client services satisfaction
It is important not to neglect customer satisfaction

The notion of degree of effort in customer experience and digitalization

While the Net Promoter Score identifies whether customers recommend a brand or not, it does not include the level of effort to achieve satisfaction. However, it goes without saying that the easier it is for a customer to take advantage of a service, the more satisfied the latter will be. Thus, the digitalization of processes can reduce the level of effort to enhance customer satisfaction and experience. It is necessary to set up operating modes within the organization to simplify and reduce the customer’s effort. In this sense, if the digitalization of services can reduce the efforts made by customers to obtain satisfaction, this is necessarily due to the implementation of optimal operation.

Conversely, the digital journey can also become difficult and move away from the guarantee of a simple customer experience. For example, players in the Telecom sector offer a more digital experience than incumbents. However, the processes depend on the same technology and they are inspired by conventional paths. This does not make the journey simpler than that of traditional actors. Simply because the operation has flaws.


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