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Credit Agricole x EPSI: digital expertise comes to the heart of schools

Higher education is the springboard to the professional world for a learner. Crédit Agricole and EPSI have understood this. The higher school, specialized in computer science, chooses to build bridges between the two universes, with the sponsorship of the bank of a promotion for three years. More than just a symbolic gesture, this initiative has significant benefits for everyone. The current pandemic, far from facilitating recruitment, is somewhat disrupting higher education.

Crédit Agricole and EPSI, a “win-win” partnership

With this rapprochement between the school and the company, the big winners are mainly students. Indeed, The Crédit Agricole offers conferences, bespoke events throughout the year… And even specific trainings, which echo its own functioning. Notions of digital expertise, with a key position within his group. This merger also helps to develop the attractiveness of Crédit Agricole and EPSI. The contribution of a know-how on the part of professionals around cross-cutting themes specific to Crédit Agricole, on the one hand… Local recruitment, where the group itself detects the talent it can recruit, directly on the school benches.

Students Standing Computer Course Bank
EPSI offers computer training to its students. A profile then sought by companies.

For EPSI, this is a considerable increase in visibility, and a guarantee for students to have digital expertise thanks to the knowledge of a company. But in addition, this rapid recruitment allows the school to achieve good results in terms of employability at the end of the training. Indeed, the rate of professional integration is a criterion of great importance for future students. In this case, it demonstrates the quality of teaching, but above all the scope of the digital expertise acquired during the years of study. Digital technology is becoming increasingly important in the curriculum, and also echoes the current situation. Indeed, with the pandemic, universities and colleges are setting up distance courses, using digital to continue studying.

Digital, an aid to learning and employment

Digital is at the heart of many curricula today. It is ubiquitous in the vast majority of companies, and allows them to grow beyond their local reach. In Bordeaux, digital is part of the uses, and is being taught earlier and earlier. For example, a large part of the universities and universities that include it in their programs offer specialized degrees in digital. These new graduates are then forces of proposals that help, once recruited, to contribute to the digital development of companies. Like Crédit Agricole, other companies work with graduate school students for interventions and work around digital. During these experiments, this constitutes an opportunity to detect promising profiles, conducive to an internship, an alternation… Or even recruitment.

Bordeaux is a metropolis that is home to many schools and training offers. In 10 years, it has gained in attractiveness, and this is felt: an increase of nearly 33% of students on bordeaux campuses. The talents of tomorrow benefit from more varied training offers, professional education, and the offer of alternation or internship also allows to train in the trades of tomorrow. For companies, this format is an opportunity to develop their business. A partnership that Crédit Agricole and EPSI have understood…


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