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The agencies of Crédit Agricole Aquitaine launch an action in favour of young people looking for alternating contracts. Aware of the difficulties shown by young people, Crédit Agricole wishes to highlight the profiles of its customers. For this, each of the 239 Crédit Agricole Aquitaine branches will display the CVs on their windows. This makes it possible to offer visibility to young people. In addition, the CVs will also be available on the Club Sociétaire Pro website being a site dedicated to the bank’s professional clients. Crédit Agricole is therefore pursuing its desire to support young people in their professional lives. The bank thus respects its commitments included in the plan 1 young 1 solution.

Crédit Agricole Aquitaine, an original action to support future alternants

Crédit Agricole is committed to youth employment on a daily basis. Indeed, in the continuity of its commitment to 1 young 1 solution, Crédit Agricole Aquitaine launches an operation as original as it is supporting its student clients. In this way, young people looking for an alternation will have the opportunity to see their CV displayed in one of the 239 agencies in the region. The operation will last until August 31 and will allow young people to gain visibility in the region. The aim of this action is to enhance the value of students in the region in search of alternance and thus to facilitate their professional integration. As the current recruitment environment is still not stable, young people need a boost. In addition, the operation also makes it easier for employers to search. Indeed, they can have at their disposal a large number of diverse and varied CVs.

Crédit Agricole Aquitaine young alternants
The CVs of student clients will be displayed on the windows of agencies in Aquitaine. Photo credit: ©CreditAgricultural

To participate in the #Affichetoncv operation, simply scan the QR code displayed in crédit agricole Aquitaine branches. Thus, it allows you to file your CV directly. The CVs will therefore be posted in the agencies of the region for an average duration of 15 days. Employers interested in profiles will therefore have the opportunity to contact candidates via social networks. All student clients of Crédit Agricole and looking for a professionalization or apprenticeship contract can send their CVs. Thus, regardless of the sector of activity, the level of study of the candidates or even the duration of the contract sought. The CVs displayed may be withdrawn at the discretion of the candidates, especially if they are no longer looking.

In addition to this operation, the CVs sent will also be posted on the Crédit Agricole website for their professional customers: Club Sociétaire Pro. Thus, the CVs will be available on the site until the end of August.

The accompaniment of young people, the actors mobilize

Supporting young people in their professional lives is an essential action. Indeed, being already complicated in normal times, the professional integration of students is an even more difficult task in times of health crisis. Several platforms provide students with personalized support to respond to their problems. Crédit Agricole is indeed a major player in youth thanks to its many actions. Thus, being integrated into the plan 1 young 1 solution,the bank has launched the Youzful platform with the aim of relaying the offers of alternation and internship but also all documents useful for the orientation of students. This platform also allows young people to contact professionals to exchange.

Nevertheless, Crédit Agricole is not the only actor helping young people. We also think of Wizbii, being the main actor of young people on several subjects. Thus, the platform intervenes on mobility, financing, employment, health etc. The aim is to promote the integration of young people into working life,by giving them the keys to achieve this.


The 239 agencies of Crédit Agricole Aquitaine display the CVs of young people looking for a work-study contract for the start of the school year,Crédit Agricole Aquitaine, press release of 22 June 2021


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