Crafts, a take-off announced thanks to e-commerce?

Is craftsmanship set to live its finest hours thanks to e-commerce? The local dimension of products that are not made in the factory is increasingly appealing to consumers. They are also largely interested in better consumption. This awareness, which began some time ago, has taken off with the pandemic. Favored by the rapid progress of digital, this new form of consumption is gaining popularity and sees the development of concepts dedicated exclusively to craftsmanship. After small local businesses of creators, markets or collectives, it is now invited in French marketplaces. An initiative that already attracts many customers concerned about what they buy.

Promoting craftsmanship to bring creators to life

The confinement and closure of businesses were triggers for the take-off of online sales platforms. Amazon, or Cdiscount have been stormed to buy non-food products. An increase in applications that is strongly felt in 2020. A 13% increase in online sales, all sectors combined, and 55% for the food trade.

This increase then encouraged small businesses to also enter this very buoyant market. But creating a website and communicating requires time and skills that not all business leaders and craftsmen have. Also, in order to allow them to focus on their activity while having this dematerialized showcase… Marketplaces are emerging, developing. They allow several small businesses and creators to present their products online on a collective platform.

Thus, marketplaces have experienced a meteoric take-off during the confinement. Their number has simply doubled. This shows the full potential of digital for small businesses that had not yet reached this milestone. In addition, customers have been loyal to the appointment, and have largely mobilized to buy on these platforms. This is reflected in the figures: a 17% increase in their turnover during this period. The turnover of these marketplaces then represented 30% of the total sales made on the Internet.

Craftsmanship can stand out through marketplaces. Indeed, marketplaces allow all professionals to showcase themselves online. However, one platform has decided to highlight only artisans, local creators. Ici Présent has only been offering French designers for 3 years.

necklace designers market
Craftsmanship is becoming more and more successful.

Ici Présent, the platform that supports French creations

The Ici Présent platform is part of a dynamic that highlights French creators and crafts. For a few years now, craftsmanship has occupied a prominent place on the market, even if sales are not as numerous. Ici Présent works to promote French craftsmanship through its platform, which consists of more than 450 craft companies across France… Of which 171 are neo-Aquitaine.

The lockdown has accelerated the awareness of French consumers. 60% say they are ready to review their daily consumption patterns. 11% of French consumers say they are already very committed to more eco-responsible consumption. This includes the purchase of local products, unprocessed, and in short circuit.

In total, the Ici Présent platform offers more than 1500 references of craft products. Products that can be packaged in the form of gift boxes, and delivered anywhere in France. Its success is reflected in its results. At the time of its creation, it had sold 400 boxes. 3 years later, in 2021, more than 200,000 boxes with handicrafts have been sold.

The boxes offered by Ici Présent do not only appeal to individual consumers. Indeed, crafts also appeal to companies. Thus, more than 400 professionals use the creations and products offered on the platform. This allows craftsmanship to benefit from an even greater influence… Towards the long-term spotlight of French artisans with consumers wishing to buy better…


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