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Coriolis Telecom sets up in Lacanau and continues its development on the territory

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The operator Coriolis installs a new store in Nouvelle-Aquitaine in the city of Lacanau. For the telephone operator intended for the general public and businesses, this new location marks a little more the desire to develop its distribution network. On the other hand, the independent operator has been able to establish itself in the heart of a growing market. Indeed, if competition is present, there is a real demand. The revenue of operators in the retail market is increasing by 2% over one year.

The state of the communications market in 2021

The communications market is doing quite well in 2021. Indeed it is experiencing an increase in the income of operators. The pace of growth of the latter is at the highest level in a decade. If the market is represented by leaders such as Orange, Bouygues Telecom or SFR,players such as Coriolis are making their place to offer telephony solutions to consumers. The market is experiencing good momentum, thanks in particular to the growth of broadband and very high-speed subscriptions. Indeed, these services are experiencing a sustained increase of 3.5M in one year. At the same time, the decrease in sales of low-speed services is offset by the increase in other more efficient services.

In addition, during the health crisis, voice communication on all fixed and mobile networks posted records. In the third quarter of 2020 it grew by 7% even if it remains lower than that of the first quarter of 2020 which was 21%. During lockdowns there has been a higher use of communications between users. The latter sought to maintain a social bond. However, the lockdown has also involved the closure of outlets. Revenue from the sale and rental of mobile devices was down 15% compared to the first half of 2019. However, since the 4th quarter of 2020, revenues related to mobile devices have again increased by 12% following the reopening of stores. So this shows encouraging signs for the new Coriolisstore.

So to speak, the telephony market has faced ups and downs. However, they have balanced themselves according to the context. Now, for operators who have been able to reopen their stores, the development is mainly in broadband offers. The market is promising to promote the development of Coriolis throughout the territory.

Mobile phone telephony Coriolis
Despite the competition, the telephony market is a promising market

Coriolis, the network of independents develops its presence on the territory

In order to continue its development, Coriolis has chosen to set up in Lacanau in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. The new store therefore completes the operator’s network of no less than 300 stores in the territory. In addition, the Coriolis brand is the first network of independents. Faced with competition, Coriolis imposes itself with the desire to develop its points of sale when other operators reduce them. The objective is to place human contacts to support new technologies and innovations

Thus, the new Coriolis store managed by Cyril Debelleix takes place at 10 avenue Plantey. It will allow the inhabitants of the region to enjoy all the services offered by the operator. They can find mobile subscriptions and internet boxes, new or used phones as well as accessories. On the other hand, the operator also offers mobile repairservices, insurance or support.

Thus for Coriolis,if today’s world is digitizing and following the movement of technological progress, there is no question of abandoning human contacts. Indeed, thanks to its offer and its customer relationship, the operator wishes to satisfy and support the needs of all. This is the strength of the operator.


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