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The WiFi connection has become a sinéquanone condition within the home of each individual. This has become all the more important since the COVID-19 crisis and the widespread use of teleworking. Indeed, in order to work in optimal conditions from home people had to benefit from a good internet connection. However, in some cases, the WiFi coverage of internet boxes is not sufficient. This quickly becomes a disabling problem for teleworkers in particular. In order to solve this, players like TP-Link provide equipment for a better WiFi connection. They make it possible to broadcast a powerful and reliable WiFi throughout the home.

Telecommuting continues in 2021 and turns homes into offices

If teleworking was mandatory during the health crisis today, it continues in many companies. Indeed, according to the Malakoff Humanis barometer on teleworking figures, at the end of 2020 a third of employees in companies were still teleworking. More precisely, 31% of them continued to work from home. On average in December there were no less than 3.6 days teleworked. This dynamic has been maintained thanks to the will of business leaders. The latter have been able to find benefits from teleworking and are now in favour of this maintenance. Thus, 67% of them are in favor of it.

However, in order for teleworking to take place in the best conditions, employees had to adapt the organization of their home. This goes through the layout and WiFi connection. In particular, for what he did not yet have a dedicated space, they had to organize an office. Thus, according to the figures of the barometer of Malakoff Humanis 24% of teleworkers have an office in a dedicated room. At the same time, 30% have an office in another room. However, it should be noted that if the work is rather widely appreciated there is a detail that preaches. These include exchanges between the various employees. With teleworking, these can be more difficult due to technical problems. The quality of the WiFi connection can be taken into account in these difficulties especially when the office is far from the internet box.

Router wifi home connection
WiFi routers increase connection coverage

The Mesh WiFi connection optimizes coverage in the heart of the home.

In order to solve the problems of wiFi coverage and connection, there is a solution. These are mesh WiFi routers. They create a new mesh that consists of extending the coverage and strength of the WiFi signal. The TP-Link brand offers this type of solution. Recently it announced its first WiFi 6E Mesh systems, Deco XE75 and Deco XE200. These two new solutions use 6E WiFi Mesh modules that deliver powerful and reliable WiFi anywhere in the home. The particularity of these systems is to offer an increase in coverage but also in speed and total capacity. Thus, teleworkers can enjoy a new, faster WiFi connection, with better speed even when the rest of the family is connected to the network.

To take advantage of these facilities and to improve your WiFi connection, you will still have to wait a little longer. Indeed, the Deco XE75 will be available in December for a budget of € 549 and the Deco XE200 will be available in the first quarter of 2022.


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