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Targeting allows a company to better identify its customers and offer them a product adapted to their needs. With the rise of digital, many companies are embarking on the implementation of an adapted strategy to sell their goods and services online. But this requires a lot of research work to maximize the chances that the product will appeal to customers. Also, in this context, the targeting and operation of the sales channel makes it possible to deploy its visibility and reach the right target. If it is a substantial work, it must be studied with meticulousness. The more thoughtful and coherent the strategy, the less effort will be made.

Identify customer requests and expectations through targeting

Targeting makes it possible to know what the ideal customer profile is for the product. Each good or service meets specific needs. Needs that some consumers evoke in their daily lives. For the companies that create the product, the challenge is then to know how to communicate around its launch, its placing on the market. For any brand, the main goal is to sell, and develop its community of customers.

However, there are several techniques that companies apply to identify customers and achieve qualitative targeting. Starting with the benchmark to highlight the opportunities and threats of the market, while indicating its strengths and weaknesses compared to other players who are in the same segment, the same sector.

The goal? Stand out, offer solutions for needs that are still little or not solved, in order to become a key player. But how to identify the profile of the customer to whom the product corresponds the most? To achieve qualified and effective targeting, companies most often develop a portrait of the “ideal customer profile”. Man, woman, family, single people, socio-professional category, age, place of residence… So many criteria that indicate if the product meets their expectations.

Once the ideal profile is developed, the company knows better the criteria on which it must rely to achieve its targeting. It is then better able to contact consistent prospects, or to set up marketing or communication actions by targeting this specific segment of customers. This is an essential basis not to be neglected, at the risk of seeing inconsistent targeting… And so to miss its product launch.

The essential targeting to focus the product on the customer

To encourage a customer to buy the product offered by his company, the latter must show the customer that his solution is adapted especially for him. Feeling special, involved is one of the most powerful levers of conversion. A customer who believes in the effectiveness of a product to meet his needs is a seduced customer, but also and above all an excellent brand ambassador… And this, without realizing it.

Centering the sales and marketing processes of the product around the customer makes it possible to mobilize him in the development of the company. Feeling involved and making an impact helps to strengthen the sense of belonging to the brand, but also to the promotion of products. Some companies offer to support brands in this development, in order to maximize their impact on consumers. Among them, you can discover Trustt,which advises companies in the development of their speech and the presentation of their product to promote positive feedback.

This approach requires time, rigor, and above all a very thorough follow-up of the feedback of each action. This makes it possible to better understand which are the levers to which customers are most receptive and sensitive. With the deployment of digital, one of the levers that works the most concerns product evaluations. Customer reviews make it possible to convince prospects, potential consumers to buy or not the product.

The weight of opinions on the success of online sales

The more (positive) reviews the product receives, the higher the conversion rate. Indeed, a product that has a review will favor the purchase of 10%. This rate increases to 30% from 50 reviews left, and increases to 50% when there are more than 200 reviews. This contributes both to the interest of the product on the target, but also to the direct reputation of the brand. Indeed, 93% of online consumers indicate that customer reviews impact their purchase decision. The customer experience must therefore be up to its expectations so that the opinion is positive… But also encourage customers as much as possible to leave a review to get a “snowball” effect by leading to new purchases later.

Customers are important vectors of advertising, and take part in the targeting strategy, and part of the sales process. This works especially with ambassadors. Customers who consume the brand’s products, and who choose to share their experience online with their loved ones. “Ambassadors” are also found in the profile of influencers, public figures with a strong community.

These influencers regularly advertise new products from certain brands. Thus, a “beauty” influencer will logically be approached by cosmetics and wellness brands. “Fashion” influencers will have more solicitations from clothing companies. Choosing a public figure whose content is similar to the proposed product or concept is then an effective strategy. Indeed, the community generated by this public figure is sensitive to the subject addressed, to the theme. A target that is therefore interesting to reach, especially to make yourself known and launch a new product.

Build a relationship of trust to successfully target and deploy

When a brand launches a new product, it can’t predict with certainty what the impact will be on its customers. In some cases, the product comes from suggestions from these already existing customers, who will buy it widely. But in other cases, this new product aims to develop the customer base to reach more people, to diversify. Also, developing its services also makes it possible to follow the evolution of needs.

Faced with the emergence of new needs, new expectations on the part of customers, companies must follow and align with these needs… At the risk of being overtaken by the competition. Also, to attract and retain its customers, by successfully targeting, the company must establish a relationship of trust with its customers and prospects. This relationship of trust focuses above all on transparent communication that reinforces the feeling of belonging to the company, to the brand.

The relationship of trust draws its source in particular from the sales pitch. Broken promises about the benefits of the product may immediately and permanently destroy this trust. The customer can be a great ambassador, contributing to the targeting… But he can also be a powerful detractor of the brand and the product. It is therefore necessary to be completely transparent with him.

E-reputation counts enormously in the development of a company. They know how building a good brand image with your community takes time and investment… But also that everything can collapse quickly, following one or more negative comments. The exchange between the brand and the company following the purchase of the product is therefore particularly important. For the brand, this allows it to adjust the product if necessary… And for the customer, to feel listened to and involved with the brand.

The impact of the sales channel on the brand-customer relationship

In recent years, and even more so since the pandemic, some sales channels have emerged and are taking on a very important power. This applies in particular to e-commerce sites, which offer online sales of the brand’s products. This is an important lever to encourage consumers to buy, and requires significant reflection on design.

The choice of the structure of the site, designed on theuser experience (UX), is essential. Indeed, a website that is not very readable and not optimized for sale will have a much lower conversion rate than an optimized site. The choice of words, visuals, sales pitch have an immediate impact on the purchase decision of Internet users. The study of levers, arguments that meet the desires and expectations of these consumers is therefore essential to stand out.

The targeting and use of different sales channels allows companies to reach their target easily, with maximum results. As goods and services evolve, it remains important to verify that they are still in line with the established targeting. Because products are evolving, but consumer needs and expectations are evolving just as much. Remain on active standby, carry out regular surveys to ensure that the product remains in line with the needs… A necessary balance to remain competitive.


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