Company: Smart Shopper Index 2021, French consumers are thrifty

According to the Smart Shopper Index 2021,the French do not have the spending madness. Indeed, if we look at the 25 OECD countries, French consumers are the most economical and reasonable. They do not spend a lot of money even though they have an above-average level of debt. Thus, they have the highest score on the scale of considerate purchases. The Smart Shopper Index 2021 ranking of Bravo promo,affiliate marketing specialist, establishes a ranking of consumers based on their consumption habits.

At the same time, the Smart Shopper Index 2021 also takes into account savings habits. The study focuses on 25 countries with the OECD database. The balance sheet speaks for itself, France the country where consumers are the most economical. It is followed by Ireland, Germany and the United States. On the other hand, if the French are very careful about their purchases, they are 93% to think carefully before the purchase,they know how to have fun when it comes to making expenses in food. It will be said that in France the art of eating well and having fun is not lost.

France wins on the podium when it comes to spending or savings according to Smart Shopper Index 2021

When it comes to household savings, France ranks third in the Smart Shopper Index 2021 podium. It is behind Germany and the Netherlands. On the other hand, as specified before, the French are much less attentive when it comes to food expenses. Indeed, at this level they are positioned in 14th place in the ranking. Although this ranking is a little distant, it does not affect the title of the French. They remain thrifty consumers.

From a global point of view in terms of spending, Ireland is in second place in the Smart Shopper Index 2021, just after France. It obtains a total of 312 points thanks in particular to overall expenses and reasonable food. The third place in the ranking is occupied by Germany. She scored 288 points. Germany has the highest household saving of any OECD country. Following, the United States tends to save and has wise consumption habits. Finally in fifth place is Norway which shows more than reasonable overall expenses compared to the cost of living there.

Mode category consumption smart shopper index 2021
The fashion sector is privileged to make savings

How do so-called “smart” consumers consume?

In order to understand consumer habits in relation to brands and shopping categories, the Smart Shopper Index 2021 study de immersed itself in Google’s search data. The BravoPromo study notably studied data from the 7 largest markets: the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the United States, Italy, Spain and Poland.

She sought to highlight a correlation between online searches and shopping habits.

Thus, she was able to determine that fashion is the most popular sector to save money. Thus, fashion is the first category of purchase in four out of seven countries on which savings are found. In France this category is the second just after lifestyle when it is necessary to save money. In addition, when the French do research online to save money on their purchase, some brands stand out very frequently. The most sought after brand when it comes to doing good business is Zalando. Following, it is not surprising to see that the giant Amazon attracts the French in search of good deals. Finally the third most sought after brand makes sense with the food expenses of the French since it is the meal delivery application UberEats.

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