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Functional protection is topical for territorial agents. Indeed, during their missions, they are sometimes victims of attacks or aggressions. Also, to take care of their safety, territorial agents can count on devices and aids at their disposal. Exercising their profession in good conditions is essential, as for any profession. Because of their “public” role, they occupy positions of responsibility, in contact with the general public and elected officials. To protect them on all fronts, many solutions exist.

Functional protection, an issue for territorial agents

The territorial agent is an integral part of the public administration. It depends in particular on the municipalities, departments and more broadly on the regions where it is located. Thus, the territorial agent is employed in the territorial civil service and is part of the departmental or regional councils most often. He is in contact with the public, and takes care of many things. A position that exposes him, especially to attacks by some citizens.

There are activities for which special benefits are offered. For territorial agents, this is particularly the case for mutual insurance. To protect them and their families, in terms of health or welfare,mutual insurance companies are dedicated to them. The latter offer, as for employees of traditional companies, several offers. These offers depend on their needs, which are also provided by the administrations. They also apply to retirees from the public service after the end of their career.

Among all the choices available to you as a territorial agent, you can see what Mutame & Plus offers. These services adapted for the whole family provide support and a guarantee for the care path. The mutuals of territorial agents are anchored in a social and solidarity economy approach. To help and support permanently, in a very representative and important sector of French life.

In December 2019, France had more than 2 million territorial civil servants. This represents more than one in three agents who hold a territorial function. This is a central sector of activity, which allows the various institutions to coordinate, especially at local and regional level. But in the civil service, how is the protection of employees going? What exists for the security of territorial agents?

Security guard protection
Functional protection helps to avoid aggression.

Security of the territorial agent, functional protection

In addition to the protection of the health and the pension provision of the territorial agent within the framework of the mutual insurance, there are other cases in which the employee territorial agent may need protection. In direct contact with the public on a recurring basis, the territorial agent may be subject to attacks by disgruntled people. A situation that can escalate quickly if not taken into account quickly.

Thus, if the agent is the victim of harassment, an assault against him or his family, violence, insults or threats… He can use what is called functional protection. The latter allows him to be protected and assisted in the course of his duties in order to prevent such acts from happening again.

To obtain this functional protection, the agent must make a written request to his or her employer administration. He must indicate the date of the facts, and put forward evidence of these attacks. The latter can be both physical and moral, within or outside working time. The damages identified must all be related to the activity of the territorial agent.

To use functional protection, one must meet these criteria, but also be part of certain categories of people. Functional protection then concerns, in particular, civil servants (trainees and incumbents) and former civil servants; contract staff and former contract staff; the spouse in the context of a marriage, PACS or cohabitation (common-law union) of the agent; but also children and ascendants: Person from whom one comes: parent, grandparent, great-grandparent,… This also applies to occasional employees of the public service.

Once the request is made, it is approved or refused by the administration. Without return within two months of the application, it is also considered refused.

Taking care of your employees, regardless of the sector of activity

Taking care of your employees in companies or in the administration is essential. The the well-being and safety of all is a priority to enable the company to operate in good conditions. Indeed, a satisfied employee who works in good conditions is an involved, concentrated employee who remains within his company. In the case of violence against territorial agents, functional protection provides reassurance.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, we can say that violence has decreased, especially with the implementation of the teleworking or setting up appointments… But they have taken on new faces: telephone harassment, e-mails, violence against material property, letters… So many unpleasant and dangerous acts towards the affected employee.

Companies make every effort to limit these inconveniences: functional protection for territorial agents; collective email addresses to avoid personal infringements; or lack of direct lines to reach an employee by phone… Working in good conditions, especially in a time like the pandemic, is essential to stay focused and productive.

The state of health of employees and managers is even more important today. While some fear that the return to school will be difficult, especially for the recovery of activity at a “normal” pace, others are more optimistic. On the government side, activity has not stopped, but has continued to evolve.

Territorial agents, on the front line since the beginning, always ensure life in municipalities,departments and regions. In addition, they have a significant advantage, such as mobility… This allows them, if the harassment is too serious, to change administration without losing their benefits or the nature of their initial contract. Well-being and safety above all!


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