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Company: Estimating the value of your home, an asset on the real estate market

Estimating the value of your home is an important step during a real estate sale. Indeed, its price reflects the state of the market, and allows the seller to know its price accurately. Without this step, the property can either be offered too expensive, and therefore not interest anyone… Either be sold below the market price and not be to the advantage of the seller. There are then tools, tips to calculate an estimate of the selling price of your property accurately. As a real estate professional, offering a powerful tool or having expertise in real estate valuation allows you to sell efficiently… And to establish a climate of trust with his client. Because the real estate agent plays a central role in any transaction.

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Estimating your property in a changing market

Before setting a sale price for your property, the estimate is essential. The purchase price of a property is not always the same as the sale price. Indeed, according to the evolution of market prices, the enrichment of the geographical sector or, on the contrary, its impoverishment affect prices. Another element that changes the selling price of a property: the embellishments made in the property. A redone painting, enlargements, or additions of furniture or equipment can significantly increase the price of a house.

For all these reasons, estimating the value of your home is essential to sell. To support sellers in their approach, some companies offer online simulations. The seller thus provides a lot of information about the property, which allows him to have a more precise idea. If you are an individual, simulate the value of your property online allows you to get an idea quickly, without moving from home.

However, the real estate professional must offer his expertise in addition. He probably has with his real estate agency a software that allows him to give an accurate estimate. The advantage of such tools is that they record the transactions carried out by real estate agencies, and thus have up-to-date data of the sectors and types of property sold.

However, other professionals from a very different trade can also intervene in the estimation of the price of a property … The notary intervenes for both professionals and individuals. With the help of numerous documents specific to the property, it is able to propose a fair diagnosis and in accordance with the state of the market.

Estimating at the right price, the challenge of real estate agencies

In a sales process, estimating the value of your property is essential. It allows you to set a realistic selling price, which is then displayed on the real estate agency’s advertisement. The more accurate the estimate, the more likely the home will be to find a buyer. Defining the most suitable price makes it possible to optimize visits, and thus seduce customers.

If the customer makes an estimate, but offers his property at a much higher price, he will have more difficulty finding a buyer… Especially if other similar properties are offered for sale in the same geographical area. This price increase discourages investors who will turn to other assets. On the other hand, by offering his property at the lower price of the estimate, the seller can imagine selling more easily …

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Estimating your property makes it easier to sell.

But this is not necessarily how potential buyers feel. A lower price than that of other good can then translate for them into several fears. First of all, major renovation work to be planned; but also a location prone to nuisance (airport, train station, or proximity to a busy road); or insulation problems, or significant loads to be expected. Elements that influence the selling price… And that often discourage buyers.

Even if this is not the case for the proposed property, estimating and setting a consistent selling price helps to encourage visits. Otherwise, some give up before even visiting, which can reduce sales opportunities. It is then that thereal estateagent comes into play to advise and guide the seller as best as possible in his steps. It allows the seller to sell his property and attract the buyer. Estimating your home and setting a fair price is part of his missions.

Adapting to changes in real estate purchases

The role of the real estate agent is essential in the process of buying or selling real estate. Indeed, it is through it that sellers can estimate the value of their property, then sell or rent it. He is in charge of writing thereal estatead, makingphotographs, or even a virtual visit … But also visits and the writing of the purchase offer.

These multiple hats reassure customers, seller and buyer, and ensure a quality service. The real estate agent, to better estimate the property, and sell more easily, can also advise the seller on developments to sublimate his property. This includes interior decoration, which is more refined and impersonal. These changes help potential buyers to project themselves more easily.

The profession of real estate agent has evolved in recent years, but the heart of its activity remains to satisfy its customers. Find the ideal property, or accompany in the sale … Or present a precise estimate of a property to encourage its subsequent sale. In the second quarter of 2021, real estate sales increased by 67.5%. A craze that shows the dynamism of the real estate market, and the need of households.

The purchase of real estate has not experienced the crisis. Despite the pandemic, real estate professionals have adapted to continue offering their services. Indeed, families leave the cities to get closer to medium-sized cities, or even the countryside. Need for space, a new organization, real estate agencies are more solicited. Despite the lockdown, some real estate purchases have continued, even remotely. This proves that despite everything, the real estate agent remains indispensable…


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