Bordeaux: Cityscoot and Merci Handy, a partnership for healthy mobility

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Cityscoot and Merci Handy are two French companies that are revolutionizing their respective sectors of activity. If one promotes soft mobility and self-service with electric scooters, the other produces and sells cosmetics for everyday life. Recently, the two French players have decided to join forces for a temporary partnership, but one that makes sense for users. In the aftermath of the pandemic, it’s time for recovery and travel. Travel that must be secure for all.

Cityscoot promotes mobility to Bordeaux

Cityscoot has developed its offer and network well. It has designed a mobile application,on the same principle as self-service bicycles like the VCub in Bordeaux. The customer who wants to rent his scooter looks on a map that shows in real time the Cityscoot near his position. He then reserves his scooter, which will be reserved for him for 10 minutes. After entering a unique code, the user can then access the helmet under the saddle and leave for the route of his choice.

He only pays for the ride once the scooter is returned, and validated on the application. In terms of rates, the offer is very affordable: from 20 cents per minute. This makes it easy to get around without breaking the bank, and without depending on predefined public transport lines.

But since September 20, this process has been somewhat different. When they open the saddle of the scooter they are renting, users will find, in addition to the helmet, a hand gel. A gel from the brand Merci Handy, co-created with Cityscoot in limited edition in three bottles of different colors. Thus, Cityscoot customers can discover a bottle of blue, pink, or green color, all three with glitter.

This partnership is located in all the cities in which Cityscoot is located. Also, users in Paris, Bordeaux, Nice, Milan and Barcelona benefit from the partnership with Merci Handy. In addition to this gift for all scooter users, the two brands also organize contests on their respective social networks. At the key, 100 minutes of use of a Cityscoot offered, as well as 100 € of gifts from the brand Merci Handy.

Hand gel care Thank you Handy
Hand gel is an everyday companion for the French. Credit Cityscoot x Thank you Handy

Get around better, anywhere in the city

Offers such as those of Cityscoot are multiplying in metropolitan areas to promote mobility for all. Indeed, in large cities like Bordeaux, everything is done to limit car travel. The latter contribute to creating traffic jams, and therefore to promoting air pollution. In addition, the wide circulation of traditional vehicles also fills the car parks, and saturates the streets of the metropolis.

Bordeaux’s public transport network is particularly extensive, consisting of a large bus network that covers the entire metropolis… But also four tram lines. These solutions make it possible to limit the use of the car, but do not allow total flexibility for the users of these transports. This is why companies such as Cityscoot develop offers to bring a plus to all Bordeaux residents on a daily basis.

Also, scooters, electric scooters, bicycles, and even self-service cars allow city dwellers to move easily anywhere in the city. In addition to the fact that it makes life easier for users, these offers also have an ecological weight that makes the difference. Indeed, Cityscoot’s scooters are electric, and emit no greenhouse gases.

The offers of these companies provide real answers to the problems of metropolises for mobility. Especially since the partnership between Cityscoot and Merci Handy also has an important health dimension. Indeed, by taking the scooter, the user circulates with disinfected hands, and thus limits the multiplication of bacteria. This solution raises awareness as much as it leaves a memory for users.


Cityscoot announces a partnership with Merci Handy, the everyday cosmetics brand. Press release of September 20, 2021

Self-service electric scooter rental in Bordeaux Cityscoot

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