Citroën 2CV, the van on its way to the Retrofit!

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What if historic cars went electric? Some vehicles, such as the Citroën 2CV, are emblematic, considered classic cars. They are no longer on the roads, to the great regret of some enthusiasts, themselves sometimes owners of these legendary cars. However, this could change very quickly. Indeed, the rise of Retrofit is felt on the roads of France. This is the process by which a “traditional” vehicle is transformed into electric. More durable, but above all less polluting… The promise of a return to the past, with the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Transforming a Citroën 2CV, an investment in the service of driving pleasure

Making an electric vehicle requires a thorough study of the model to make sure this is possible. Some enthusiasts have not hesitated to take the plunge, and create a real market in France, such as Arnaud PIGOUNIDES, the founder of Retrofuture. Transforming your vehicle allows you to drive longer with it, without having to change it to turn to less polluting models.

Vintage cars like the Citroën 2CV have a proven cachet, but are not the cleanest on the roads. Faced with the amplification of measures to limit pollution on the roads, such as the implementation of the Crit’Air vignette which limits access to large cities for the least green vehicles… Adapting becomes essential.

Thus, vehicles eligible for retrofit meet certain criteria, such as being more than 5 years old for cars, or more than 3 years old for two wheels. The Citroën 2CV responds to this, and is one of the car models accepted for this transformation operation. After the sedan, it is now the van that is authorized to this change!

Attractive economic spinoffs for the automotive sector

For individuals and companies, transforming your heart or utility vehicle into electric represents a budget. If it costs € 14,900 for the Citroën 2CV, the general range is quite wide: from € 8,000 to € 50,000. To attract applications, aid is put in place to promote access to Retrofit. State aid of €5,000 or regional aid make it possible to lighten the bill.

However, turning to retrofit allows you to take care of the environment. At a time when the subject is at the heart of concerns, this alternative allows households and professionals to save. Indeed, a city car that goes through the Retrofit will cost around € 8,000, much cheaper than buying a new hybrid or electric vehicle.

The Citroën 2CV will be back on the roads of France, quieter and less polluting. Opening such a service to many vehicles also has significant consequences on the market. Indeed, the Retrofit could, according to forecasts, generate a turnover of 1 billion euros between 2020 and 2025 for the transformation of 65,000 vehicles. This also allows the creation of 5,500 direct and indirect jobs, good news after the Covid-19 pandemic that has disrupted the job market. In addition, transforming 1% of the total French car fleet would involve nearly 400,000 vehicles. This represents a business volume of more than 5 billion euros… A boon for the automotive business.


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