Cinema CGR, reinventing itself and displaying its values

CGR Cinema is one of the leading film companies in France. By 2020, 73 CGR cinemas are in service throughout the country. The company constantly seeks to innovate through the services offered to customers, with an ever-increasing experience. Recently, it decided to offer an additional service not within the cinema itself, but in the car parks. This innovation was born in Villenave d’Ornon. A useful solution for all electric car drivers, which brings real added value to cinema outings…

Electric terminals at the CGR Cinema, combining comfort and responsible consumption

In New Aquitaine, in 2018, there were 1101 electric charging stations to recharge his vehicle. This is the second region where these facilities are the most numerous after Occitanie, which has 1233 terminals. This goes hand in hand with the increase in the purchase of electric vehicles, which are considered less polluting. For example, the CGR Cinema in Villenave d’Ornon is the first cinema in the country equipped with EVBox Troniq 50 fast charging stations. The Cinema sees this installation as an opportunity to offer cinema customers the opportunity to load their car while enjoying a good film. Faced with the increase in the number of electric vehicles in circulation, the network of electric terminals is considerably developed, for maximum range. In France, as of June 2020, there were 13727 new registrations of electric vehicles, an important result in view of the health crisis.

Gradually, each year, the number of electric vehicles on the roads increases, irrefutable proof of a change in behaviour. Behaviour that is concerned about the environment, with the desire to improve air quality. A desire shared by EVBox, which wants to help cities like Bordeaux become cleaner by encouraging the purchase of electric vehicles. Its production and research and development site is based in Bordeaux, and allows it to see the impacts of its products in an ideal context. Indeed, the metropolis is experiencing a large influx on its roads, and seeks to find sustainable solutions. In addition to the installation of electric bollards, it is also turning to other solutions, which allow to relieve congestion on major roads. A solution that brings hope and results, combined with the actions of the Mayor of the city.

Cleaner transportation for a healthier city

Bordeaux is one of the French metropolises that has integrated clean transportinto their way of operating. Initiated by the rise of electric vehicles, like V3s, self-service bicycles, the city makes the Blue Cubs available to locals. These are small electric cars that can be used everywhere. They recharge on terminals provided for this purpose, and are commendable for the duration of its choice. In the same spirit, the Bordeaux company Yego puts in service scooters and electric scooters in self-service, with easy payment. This city also has an extensive network of electric trams on 4 lines, and buses that cross the CUB. Recently, the mainline route is provided by 100% electric buses. If the experiment is successful, the entire network could well be equipped with electric buses in the long run.

Bordeaux is one of the cities that takes environmental issues to the heart of the heart to bring sustainable solutions. Transport is part of this mesh, which will ultimately have strong impacts on air quality and the Bordeaux ecosystem. In this quest for green innovation, companies have a role to play. They are the springboards for these new ideas, which help to shape a new face to the city. Innovations full of promise, in short, for a greener daily life.


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