Choosing your professional bank, a utopia?

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Choosing a professional bank can also be a choice beyond the classic criteria. Indeed, the business of online banks is increasingly highlighting the values of the bank concerned. Some actually give more legitimacy to banks that are environmentally friendly or support sustainable causes. Others prefer banks that invest in social programs or offer free checking and savings accounts.

The criteria for choosing a professional bank

Choosing a professional bank seems like a utopia for many people. In reality, it is not so difficult to find a professional bank that meets the needs of the manager.

Service is the key word: services of the bank account itself, such as investment products, credit products and foreign exchange services, sense of service of account managers… This is a criterion brought up to date in the digital age. Where more than ever, attentive, professional and effective listening is essential to the business leader.

Business obliges, the question of fees (and hidden fees) is also essential, as is that of interest rates. French professional banks charge prices ranging from €0 and up to €249 depending on the type of offer chosen. Prices change depending on the needs and type of business.

Finally, reputation and safety mingle. It should be ensured that the bank makes every effort to ensure the security of the funds entrusted. Especially in a context of growing fraud, double validation or even triple validation processes are essential in the face of the ingenuity of scammers.

How to choose the right professional bank?

When ethics is invited into the selection criteria

More and more people are interested in banks that have an ethical dimension, beyond their purely financial considerations.

It should be noted, however, that being an ethical bank does not prevent you from being professional. On the contrary, banks that respect certain values tend to be more attentive to their customers and offer them a service that is up to the task. An ethical bank is a bank that takes into account the environmental and social impact of its business decisions. For example, an ethical bank will avoid investing in companies that harm the environment. Or who have poor working conditions. Instead, it invests in companies that are environmentally friendly. And also those who treat their employees fairly.

With the current trend of online banking, it has become easier than ever to compare different banks and find the one that suits you best.

The French banks Helios, Crédit Coopératif and Only One are committed to investing their customers’ money only in environmentally friendly activities. In Spain, banks such as BBVA, Ibercaja, La Caixa or Caja Rural offer their customers the opportunity to open so-called “green accounts”, with which you can finance ecological projects.

You can also choose to invest in companies that are committed to achieving sustainability goals. Like those listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI), FTSE4Good or MSCI World ESG Leaders.

The Nave has been recognized as the most ethical bank in France by Eupedia. Eupedia has given it high marks in terms of environmental ethics.

The online banking industry is increasingly focusing on values. In this way, customers are able to make a choice that goes beyond the classic criteria for choosing a professional bank. When ethics are part of the selection criteria, it is clear that banks have a growing responsibility to their customers and to society as a whole.

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