CF Group, the transformation of its site in Bruges

CF Group is a group specializing inpool equipmentfor pool professionals. It is the result of the merger between two groups: the French group Fija and the German firm Chemoform. CF Group puts its expertise to good use across Europe. As part of its desire to support its customers, the group has thus taken the decision to transform its production business into a logistics activity at the Bruges site (33). The company’s employees have therefore received training in the logistics trades. The 5 employees have discovered new skills in this operation.

The internal professional conversion of a company is a common process. Indeed, it brings benefits for both employees and businesses.

CF Group, a transformation to increase its presence in the Southwest

CF Group was born from the merger between two entities. Indeed, the French group Fija and the German firm Chemoform have linked their skills in order to create CF Group. Present throughout Europe, the group specializes inswimming pool equipment. It is mainly aimed at professionals in the sector by bringing its expertise through 6 know-how. Indeed, this goes through essentials such as plumbing and filtration. Then, the Over-Measure with the manufacture of shutters, blankets, membranes. In addition, water maintenance and treatment are also part of the know-how. They also specialize in wellness facilities such as saunas, steam rooms and spas. Finally, they create ready-to-pose solutions as well as connected objects. All of these skills allow them to meet a wide demand.

Southwest CF Group Professional Pool Presence
The 5 employees of the Bruges site (33) have agreed to retrain and learn the logistics trades.

Present on 6 sites in France,CF Groupe wishes to strengthen its presence in the territory. To this end, the group is transforming the Bruges site (33) into a logistics site in order to be more present for its customers in the Greater South-West. The Bruges site, located not far from the Bordeaux metropolis, is basic for the production of equipment. It is thus transformed into a logistics site with more than 800m² dedicated to storage. In addition, the project also aims to open a commercial agency for fish logs. To carry out the project, CF Groupe had to train its 5 employees working on site. These women have as their basic training the production of pool equipment and not logistics. Accompanied by the group’s human resources, they learned the keys to the trade and set up skills.

In-house job retraining a boon for companies and employees

Retraining is a process that attracts many employees during their careers. Indeed, according to a study conducted by Nouvelle vie professionnelle,more than 93% of working people in France have already thought of retraining professionally. This will often comes from the feeling of having gone around the current position, boredom and the desire for change. Challenging yourself and learning new skills are also motivating. Nevertheless, only 38% of the workforce has passed the milestone. One of the reasons for this figure is the time it takes to train for a new profession that may be binding.

This problem can be solved in particular by retraining within the same company. Indeed, this means the change of trades in-house for employees. This is therefore an advantage for companies but also for employees. Indeed, this allows companies to remotivate and retain their employees. In addition, they can keep their employees competent and already aware of the company’s values. The company is therefore assured not to lose its best elements.

For employees, internal retraining brings a certain security in terms of employment. Indeed, they are then in the certainty of starting a training with the purpose of an assured position. This allows them to increase their skills and increase the diversity of their expertise.


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