Screening center at Bordeaux airport, screenings for travelers

On July 28, 2021, a new screening center will be opened in Hall Aof Bordeaux Airport. If the vaccine is intended to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, the virus continues to circulate. Whether vaccinated or not, many countries require a PCR test to enter the country. Travel conditions change according to the circulation of the virus. They do not apply in the same way depending on the country.

For travelers looking for new horizons, this requires a certain rigor in order to be in order to be in order to be in order with the restrictions that apply to each destination. In order to facilitate the procedures of travelers, Bordeaux Airport and the Eurofins laboratory set up a screening center. It will allow all travelers who wish to be tested. If this allows on the one hand to benefit travelers, it also allows to maintain in a certain way a dynamic in the travel abroad.

Travel subject to different rules depending on the country

Taking your suitcases and going abroad is no longer done in the same way as yesterday. Indeed, if before, travel was a real letting go of the hassles of everyday life, today COVID-19 involves some complications. However, since June 9, 2021, it is possible to move between France and foreign countries. They are still subject to conditions that differ depending on the country and the circulation of the virus. Indeed, the trip is possible depending on the health situation of the country of destination. It also depends on the vaccination of travelers and a negative PCR test done in a screening center.

In order to inform travellers about possible travel, the government has set up a classification of countries. It is in the form of a map with health indicators. In an unstable context, the latter can evolve depending on the situation of the epidemic. In addition, since July 1, 2021, the European pass is organized. It is also called EU Digital COVID Certificate. The COVID certificate is a digital proof. It certifies that a person is either vaccinated against COVID-19, that they have received a negative PCR test result from the testing centre, or that they have recovered from COVID-19. The latter applies in all European countries and will extend legally until 30 June 2022. In particular, it aims to facilitate free movement within the EU and to ensure a framework.

The map set up by the government therefore ranks countries around the world with different colors. Each color is defined according to the health indicators. Thus, “green” countries are countries where the circulation of COVID-19 is not considered active. No variants identified are considered to be of concern. Among these countries we find the countries of the European area or countries such as Albania, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Bosnia, Brunei, Canada, South Korea, the United States, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan …

The orange countries are countries in which we see an active circulation of the virus. However, it remains in controllable proportions and no variant of concern is present. The United Kingdom, for example, is an orange country. In particular, it requires a test of less than 24 hours in addition to the vaccine.

Finally, red countries are at risk countries in which the circulation of the virus is active. There are also worrying variants. For example, the red countries are Afghanistan, South Africa, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil…

Thus to travel it is necessary to inform on the situation of each country and the conditions of entry into the territory. Even if a country ranks green, it may request additional health measures such as a PCR test done in a screening center or quarantine. For example, Japan is a green country, however, it does not accept the arrival of French tourists at the moment.

Airplane covid testing center
Travel is organized according to the evolution of the pandemic

Eurofins and its new screening centre to make it easier for travellers

Among this batch of information, it is not always easy to find your way around. And once the sanitary measures have been taken into account, it is necessary to organize yourself to carry out the necessary steps before departure. Since the very beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, the airport has been mobilizing to play its role as a travel facilitator. From 2020, it offers PCR virological tests. They were organized by the Regional Health Agency, the Bordeaux University Hospital and the Civil Protection. After more than a year of living with the COVID-19 virus, Bordeaux airport.

Thus, Bordeaux Mérignac airport is organized with the Eurofins laboratory. They are setting up a COVID testing center in Hall A in front of Gate 3 at the arrivals level. From July 26 it will allow a simple and fast screening directly from the airport. RT-PCR and antigenic tests are available for travelers but also for all those who wish to be tested against COVID-19. The inhabitants of the surrounding municipalities can also come to the center. An opening to all imperative to fight against the spread of the virus and to allow a recovery of the economy within the territory. The center is open Monday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. For travelers with proof of travel it is possible to come with or without an appointment. For other people, the tests are only by appointment.

While this makes it easier for travellers to take steps, it also ensures a dynamic in the resumption of flights. Indeed, air traffic signs its recovery for the summer after months of uncertainty. It is then necessary to put everything in place so as not to discourage travelers. According to IATA, intra-European travel bookings indicate that the summer should be better than the previous one. However, it is important not to provide too much certainty. While the International Air Transport Association shows that demand is high, it remains volatile and according to government policies.

In this sense, it is to be hoped that the restrictions do not increase or even that they are relaxed so that airlines can benefit healthily from the repressed demand of travelers.


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