Green cars, the search for better mobility in companies

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Green cars are no longer a niche market, they have indeed conquered the market. Getting around with more responsible driving helps limit air pollution in the city, for the well-being of all. After individuals, who are turning to these new environmentally friendly cars, thanks to the deployment of charging stations and aids… Companies want to do the same, especially those with a large fleet. Companies like LeasePlan are at their disposal to support them serenely in this important transition. A transition to a greener, more sustainable model.

Promoting green cars, especially in large cities

LeasePlan knows that the automotive market is complex. Between the evolution of car taxation, uses and the offer that is becoming denser by manufacturers… It’s not always easy to know where to start, especially if the current car fleet is traditional. To limit consumption, with the purchase and permanent replacement of vehicles in a fleet, more and more companies are turning to Long Term Rental (LLD).

A solution that is as practical from a logistical point of view as it is from an economic point of view. Indeed, the LLD makes it possible to better control its holding costs, but also to achieve an ecological transition without impacting the mobility of employees. Because in companies where the car is the main tool for employees, this kind of choice makes it possible to achieve considerable savings.

LeasePlan has put together a white paper that evolves with regulations so that companies always find the most up-to-date information available. The company is itself particularly committed to the development of more eco-responsiblemobility.

But in a context where regulations are increasingly complex and pressing, how can we adopt a fleet of eco-responsible vehicles while taking into account changes in legislation? If the LLD seems to be one of the best solutions to overcome this problem, there are however many points to take into account.

For companies, this makes it possible to optimize the costs represented by a car fleet. Especially since it allows them to take control of their energy transition and better address all regulatory factors… Without impacting their productivity or profitability. So many advantages to embark on this transition to the green car in business!

Developments in the city are slowing down

The more time passes, the more cities are pressing for the transition from polluting cars to green cars. The introduction of the Crit’Air vignette in several cities, including Bordeaux, is a good example. Depending on the type of car, its age and its power, it is associated with a number indicated on a vignette. During pollution peaks, only cars with the best index can circulate.

This allows the most polluting vehicles to no longer circulate within the walls of metropolises… In order to limit pollution. But the more time passes, the more polluting cars are pointed out, to favor green cars. Greening the fleet remains a priority; But faced with the restriction of benefits, companies are in an in-between.

Indeed, with the mobility orientation law, from 2022, companies with a fleet of more than 100 vehicles will have to have at least 10% of their fleet composed of green vehicles. The ecological bonus caps at a maximum of €4,000, an amount deemed insufficient by companies. This transition will gradually become mandatory and widespread; in particular with the extension of Low Emission Mobility Zones to agglomerations of more than 150,000 inhabitants by 2025…

Turning to green vehicles stems from several needs and changes in society. The question of the environmental emergency is on everyone’s lips… Combined with a growing demand from consumers, concerned by these issues. Manufacturers are also playing the game, looking for less polluting engines, such as the Retrofit,now recognized in France. But also in the face of more restrictive regulations, which have one objective: to limit emissions at all costs…


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